We aim to solve the everyday problems of young parents with safe, toxin free, international standard products so that you get to enjoy the joy of parenting without worrying. We do this by living & breathing our core values every day.

Safety – We are the only MadeSafe* certified brand in Asia (Oh Yeah!!). We make sure, our products go through all the required tests and meet the safety standards that you as parent expect. We have a stringent set of super safe standards which you can read about in detail here**. If it is unsafe, it is not meant for our baby’s world and it’s not from MamaEarth.

Honesty – We realize how important it is for a parent to know what they are feeding/ using on their baby. At MamaEarth, products evolve with an honest and transparent system. What we wished as a parent for ourselves and our little one is what we promise to deliver. You can read about every ingredient that we add to our products and how they are rated right here*.

Mum-empowerment – Nobody understands a baby, like a mom does, even if that is just with her intuition. We are continuously working with a panel of moms, who give genuine reviews of our products, which we further use on its improvisation & for creating new solutions. All the products are by the moms, for the moms and through the moms. Would you like to review our products? Please get in touch… **

Best of the earth – We believe in delivering products which are gentle as well as hardworking. In this attempt, we make sure we use the best available ingredients (natural, plant based or manmade) which are both certified safe as well as efficacious in getting the job done. We buy them from the best sources around the world which are ISO, GMP & Non GMO compliant. A Baby’s wellbeing & health is our top priority.