Hairfall can be very demoralizing for anyone and it is difficult to reverse the effects of hair loss. Thus it is important to work on the problem and avoid hairfall rather than looking for ways of regrowth. Mamaearth offers a kit with 4 products that would help you combat hairfall, and all with natural ingredients. The kit contains a hair oil, shampoo, conditioner as well as hair tonic.

Rosemary oil in the Root Restore Hair Oil prevents premature hair greying and treats dry scalp. Bhringraj oil strengthens the roots while Vitamin F gives your hair a natural shine and reduces dryness. The Happy Heads Shampoo contains Biotin, which is best known to strengthen brittle hair & split ends. It also promoted hair health in general. Horse Chestnut in the shampoo promotes blood circulation thus helps in reducing hairfall by strengthening the follicles. Amla present in the shampoo is a well-known hair nourisher.

Milk Protein in the conditioner as well as in the hair tonic gives you naturally soft and silky hair. Vitamin B5 strengthens hair follicles and helps your scalp get rid of dead skin. Cocoa butter moisturizes the hair making them soft and shiny. It naturally stimulates hair growth while calming the nerves of the head and scalp to reduce inflammation and hair loss. The hair tonic also contains goodness of Red Ginseng&Caffeine. Red Ginseng easily gets absorbed in the scalp and prevents hair loss. It also strengthens hair roots and helps hair grow faster. Caffeine, apart from preventing baldness (which is a pattern in many males) also triggers strong hair.

Some tips that can help you in avoiding hair loss are-


  • Use mild & toxin-free hair products.
  • Eat a protein rich diet.
  • Massage the scalp with oil an hour before shampooing the hair.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair.