Easy Tummy Roll On, 40ml

AED 35.90

Hi! I am Mamaearth Easy Tummy Roll-On. I understand the pain babies go through because of colic and indigestion. I contain Hing Oil which is known for its ability to reduce gas & reflux issues. I am a blend of Essential Oils like Saunf Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Oil & Dill Seed Oil which gives relief from stomach ache and bloating which helps the baby to sleep peacefully. I also provide a soothing effect on the baby’s skin. My 100% Natural and Toxin-free formula with no added Preservatives, Alcohol, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Artificial Fragrances, SLS or any other harmful chemicals is safe to be used on sensitive skin. Also, I come with MadeSafe Certification.

Newborns have a very sensitive digestive system. Their intestines are still developing & getting used to the intake of mill & thus newborns for the first few months go through a phase of indigestion, gas & colic. The same happens when semi solids & solids are introduced to babies.
Some tips that can help parents avoid gas & colic are:


  • Burp the baby after every feed.
  • Keep the upper body of baby a little inclined up while feeding milk or other liquids.
  • For bottle fed kids, use an anti-colic teat and bottle.


For ages, parents have been using the “Daadi & Naani Maa ke Nuskhe” and applying kitchen ingredients to relieve the pain & discomfort caused by gas & indigestion. One such ingredient used in our Easy Tummy Roll-on, Hing (Asafetida) is an age-old Ayurvedic recipe for treating digestive issues and easing bowel movement.

Hing Oil with Ginger Oil soothes stomach pain and bloating. The roll-on also has Fennel Oil, which is known to alleviate spasms & tummy ache, thus giving constant relief to the crying baby.