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Which Is the Best Baby Soap?

Which Is the Best Baby Soap?

A baby walks into the world clutching a moonbeam in his left hand and a ray of sunshine in his right. No wonders, parents are always thrilled when this little bundle of joy arrives at their doorstep. But this is also a very crucial juncture where even one misstep could cost a huge deal. The most obvious mistake is bathing the baby with an “adult’s” soap. The trouble is that such a soap may contain caustics and alkaline substances that could hurt the baby’s tender skin. This is just where opting for the best baby soap is so important. 

It is not even remotely funny to commit this mistake. This is why a cardinal rule of baby care is to opt for a safe, gentle, nourishing soap made of natural and toxin-free ingredients. If you are also looking for the best baby soap, we are offering some of the best online options in Dubai and the UAE. Stay with us as we take you along!

The importance of opting for a safe and gentle baby care product

Your little munchkin’s skin is soft and tender, and any disbalance in seasonal or environmental conditions could make it lose its much-needed moisturization. Besides, opting for something rich in caustics and alkaline ingredients (like an adult’s soap) could sap the natural oils from the baby’s tender skin. It could even cause allergies or rashes just as easily.

Persisting with any ill-advised skincare product could cause long-term damage to your baby’s skin. It is thus better to opt for a safe and comprehensive approach, one that includes choosing only the best grade of baby care products for him. This includes opting for natural soaps, dusting powders, oils, lotions, and creams that are all free from alkaline substances, parabens, and SLS.

Two of the best baby soaps you could buy online in the UAE

You should opt for the best baby soap that comprises safe and gentle ingredients like goat milk, shea butter, oatmeal, and coconut. These ingredients help cleanse and exfoliate the baby’s tender skin in a hassle-free manner, thus helping it retain its precious moisture. A regular application of this baby soap also ensures that his delicate pH of 5.6 stays maintained during and after the bath. 

This soap is called Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap for Babies Gentle Bath and Skin Care. We make it with a lot of care and love, so your little bundle of joy gets the best experience in his bathtub. Besides, our ultra-pure baby care product is hypoallergenic, and it would keep you away from worrying about anything drying his soft skin. 

At Mamaearth UAE, we are constantly thinking of new ways to help you show more love to your baby. Hence, we paired the above soap with a more fruit-based product. 

Known as Nourishing Bathing Bar for Kids, it contains a blast of fruity fragrance and sensation for your little munchkin. This ace skincare product is only available in a pack of five different soaps, aptly called Mango Bite, Strawberry Souffle, Apple Sorbet, Orange Bar, and Blueberry Blush. You may expect it to offer an appropriate mix of colors to intrigue your baby, and we are sure he will like it too. These soaps are also enriched with coconut oil, glycerin, and fruit extracts to offer a nourishing and safe experience.

These best baby soaps are available for sale across online and offline channels in Dubai and the UAE. Next to these two popular baby care products, you may also opt for a wide range of allied baby care products from us too.

Two allied baby care products you can opt for

We have mentioned why you should opt for a comprehensive baby care experience to save your quality time. More importantly, it would help your baby breathe a sigh of relief too. We also recommend opting for our baby wipes and foaming face wash for the best results.

  1. Mamaearth Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes

Next to the best baby soap, you should be careful about using a baby wipe because it would be used to clean the baby’s skin. It would be important for you to consider something that is safe, gentle, free of abrasives, and is enriched with Vitamin E, castor oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. 

Hence Mamaearth UAE Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes. These wipes are tested clinically by pedestrians and dermatologists to offer a more breathable experience. You may wrap them around your baby as you are taking him out for a walk. There is no leakage issue because the wipe comes with a protective lid that keeps it dry and disinfected.

  1. Mamaearth Foaming Facewash for Kids

Next to opting for the best baby soap, you may also try this foaming face wash to clean your baby’s face of dirt and grime several times a day. This natural face wash comes enriched with the natural goodness of coconut-based cleansers, calendula extracts, aloe vera, and lavender oil. 

These ingredients would drive out the pollutants and irritants from the baby’s face and make his skin glowing and radiant. In addition, the presence of aloe vera and calendula would offer enhanced antibacterial properties, thus boosting collagen production and reducing any inflammation on the skin. 

It is time to opt for a smarter baby care experience 

Powered by the Goodness of Nature, our products are clinically tested and dermatologically approved by skin care experts. We are also Asia’s first brand to be awarded the much-coveted Made Safe certification from the US. Secondly, all our products are cruelty-free because they are not tested on animals under any circumstances, and thus we offer products that are approved by PETA too. 

At Mamaearth, we help you make the smartest and safest choices for your baby. We offer a wide range of safe and gentle baby care products like baby oils, lotions, dusting powders, oral care, mosquito repellant, baby wash, and combo products (or kits) so you can save your quality time and spend it with those who matter the most to you. 

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