The Truth About Mamaearth Onion Conditioner

The Truth About Mamaearth Onion Conditioner

Mamaearth UAE is already winning the hearts of people with its wide range of products. Just read the reviews and you’ll know what we are talking about. Among all the products, the hair care category is especially a winner since it combats a number of hair troubles. The Mamaearth Onion Conditioner, for instance, is getting all the hype for its effective hair growth formula. 

Packed with the goodness of onion, almond oil, and coconut, the gentle hair conditioner is known to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles to provide intense nourishment. Use it after a hair wash and you will not have to worry about the frizz and the falling hair.  But is that it? What else is there in this unique hair conditioner that you may not know? Why is it becoming popular? Let’s find out!

Below, we have listed down the major reasons why Mamaearth Onion Conditioner works so well: 

  • It Contains Sulphur

You may be wondering what sulphur has got to do with hair? We would say that this element plays a vital role in boosting your hair growth. Sulphur is essentially found within amino acids or the building blocks of protein. In our body, sulphur is a part of keratin (a protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails). So, if your hair gets a sufficient supply of sulphur, they will become stronger and healthier. Coming back to Mamaearth Onion Conditioner, its main ingredient i.e., onion is rich in sulphur. And that’s how it curbs hair loss and nourishes your hair follicles.  In fact because of this very ingredient, this mask can also accelerate hair growth. You must use this product twice a week to see visible results in your hair.

Besides sulphur, onions also contain antioxidants such as quercetin, folates-B9, Vitamin C, potassium, and fibres called fructans that have anti-inflammatory properties. This takes care of scalp conditions like dandruff and psoriasis. The result? Long, healthy, and beautiful hair!

  • It Has No Toxins!

You must have seen the label of ‘Paraben & Silicone Free’ on the bottle of Mamaearth Onion Conditioner. But do you know what it really means? Usually, many haircare products use chemicals such as parabens, silicones, and sulfate to increase their shelf life. But many researchers state that these chemicals can actually do more harm than good. For instance, parabens can enter your body through the scalp and affect your hormones. They are also linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. Parabens and sulfate also tend to strip your hair from natural oils and make them brittle and dry. To sum up, these chemicals are not what you wish to have in your hair care products. This is why people are opting for natural products like Mamaearth Onion Conditioner that promise 100% toxin and chemical-free care to you. To protect your hair from damage and frizziness, you must include a nourishing hair conditioner after every hair wash.

  • It Can Be Used For Colored & Chemically-Treated Hair

Dyed and chemically-treated hair needs more care and nourishment than normal ones. This is why you would often find hair professionals suggesting you to change your hair care routine when you get hair color treatments. Mamaearth Onion Conditioner can be your partner in that too. 

It may sound like a normal shampoo for normal hair but this creamy concoction has more to it. Since it is free of harmful chemicals, the conditioner is a boon for your color-treated tresses. It can deeply nourish your hair and make sure your treatment stays for a longer time. What more? Conditioning your hair also accentuates your color and brings more shine and glossiness. 

  • It Is Suitable For Both Men & Women

It is a common misconception that women only need to use conditioners. The truth is, anyone can use them. In fact, all of Mamaearth products are unisex. This is why it is getting so popular among all genders above 15 years of age. 

You can use our onion hair conditioner irrespective of your hair type. Whether you have dry hair or oily hair; curly hair or straight hair, the conditioner is suitable in all situations. This means you don’t need to buy two different hair products now. Just get a bottle of Onion Conditioner online and share it with your partner! 

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