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The 3 Best Kids Body Washes You Should Buy Today!


Velvety skin, carefree laughs, and innocent eyes- aren’t kids some divine blessings to us? While we try to provide them with the best parenting experience, some of us do not quite understand the importance of their bathing sessions. Yes, their bathing time can be a lot more fun if you use some good-quality kids’ body washes. Here are the 3 best kids body washes you should buy. 

Understandably, choosing kids-friendly products is an uphill assignment. Thus, we have brought you a manual to help you have a brief idea about the factors that make the products ideal for kids. So, before getting acquainted with the recommendations, let’s know about the crucial aspects you should not overlook when buying the body wash. 

Factors You Should Consider While Buying Body Wash for Kids! 

Kids’ health is of utmost importance to us and is something we should never overlook. So here are some of the most defining factors that decide the quality of your little sunshine’s bathing experience:

  • Ingredients

Before introducing the 3 best kids body washes you should buy now, let’s know more about an ingredient that makes the product. Ingredients play a critical role in deciding whether the body wash is worthwhile for kids or not. Additionally, like other kids’ products, you should focus on the ingredients used and the resulting formulations. 

For example, you should check if the product is free of parabens, dyes, and strong fragrances. It would be best to opt for nature-derived ingredients like Shea Butter, Fruits Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Glycerin, Oat Amino Acids, Milk Butter, etc. 

  • Skin Conditions 

Whatever skin products you buy for your kids have to be in line with your kid’s skin condition, despite the common belief that kids’ skin can change from the time of birth, wherein attributes like weather conditions, genes, or infections have a great role to play in speeding up the condition.

While most babies grow up with normal skin conditions, some have to battle eczema, severe allergies, or rashes-prone texture. In such cases, talk to your pediatrician and child care specialist and adhere to their advice. In addition, if any ingredients trigger their skin conditions, buy those body washes that do not have these harmful ingredients.

  • Tear-free Formula 

It is important to opt for a tear-free formulation in shampoos and body washes to reduce the chances of irritation in the eyes. While exploring the top 5 online body washes for kids, we recommend you opt for a product that contains only tear-free ingredients. Foaming can hurt your little one’s eyes and cause unnecessary irritation. Hence, sticking with the mild and gentle body wash with a tear-free formula is imperative. 

Choosing The Best From The Collection! 

  • Original Orange Body Wash 

It’s time to dab on the goodness of Orange to give your little bub an amazing bathing session. This body wash brims with skin-loving ingredients such as Oat Amino Acids, Orange, and Glycerin, which keep your little one’s mood giggly for an entire day. This potent formulation deeply cleanses, removes dead skin, and makes it soft, smooth, and clean.

While Oat Amino acids detoxify, Glycerin keeps the hydration level balanced, and Orange relieves irritation and rashes with its astringent properties. It is one of the best kids body washes you should buy now. 

  • Super Strawberry Body Wash

Exhibiting the potency of Strawberry, Oat Amino Acids, and Glycerin, this Super Strawberry Body wash is among the 3 best kids body washes you should buy. The sulfate-free formulation makes this product ideal for children up to 5 years of age, and its gentle approach to tackling skin issues makes it even better.

This body wash draws out the impurities from the skin, but it also confers the skin with adequate moisturization and softness. 

  • Major Mango Body Wash

Encapsulating the richness of Mango, Oat Amino Acids, and Glycerin, this body wash works like magic on delicate skin-like kids. The soothing fragrance of Mango adds more fun to bathing and makes your baby happy and cheerful all day long.

One of the best Mamaearth Kids Body Washes, this can be an ideal mate for your baby’s delicate skin. The presence of Mango provides adequate hydration to skin cells and protects them from free radical damages, while Oat Amino Acids and Glycerin bring instant freshness to their mood. 

Additional Tips for a Nourishing Bathing Time! 

  • Be Cautious of Artificial Fragrance: Fragrance can be a nice addition to body washes, but if your baby has a sensitive skin texture, you should avoid using such products. Mamaearth Kids Body Washes are carefully designed to go well on babies’ delicate skin, and they come with a soothing and mild fragrance. 
  • Moisturize Your Baby from Time to Time: Leaving your little one’s skin unattended would be a huge mistake you never wish to make. Their skin is sensitive and should need a moisturizer regularly. 
  • Don’t Rush While Bathing:  Here’s a mom’s tip- don’t overdo the foam and never rush things while bathing your kid. Take out time and see whether your kid is enjoying the scent of baby wash or not. Check whether the water is too warm or cold; prefer lukewarm water to bathe your baby. 

Apply the body wash to your baby, and don’t ignore his knees and thighs. Pat dry nicely and apply a thick layer of hydrating moisturizer or oil to your baby’s overall skin.

  • Engage Them with Bath Toys

Make your little ones all giggle and happy even during bathing. Once they start enjoying the bathing time, it would be easier for you to have them bathed daily. So, buy some pretty toys and let them play with them while you are cleaning them properly.

Wrapping Up

Those days are long gone now when parents would sprinkle perfumed talcum powders on their babies and line a thick layer of kohl around their eyes. Now, parents are aware of the outcomes that these practices lay to a child’s health. Thus, it requires some due diligence to assort baby products as we cannot fail to bring comfort to our butterballs. 

At Mamaearth UAE, we strive to ease the hassles in the parental journey so that you can relish every moment with your sunshine without worrying about your health. As a parent, we dive into the ocean of options before opting for one as we cannot let any prospect unattended related to their health. We are sure that by opting for the 3 best kids’ body washes mentioned above, you may avail the best baby care experience at home!

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