Why Oil-Free Moisturizer is a Must-Have to Control Acne!

For years, there was a misconception that only dry and dull skin needs moisturizing. When it came to oily skin – well, there was already too much oil to deal with – that moisturizing part took the back seat. But not anymore. Mamaearth moisturizers that are oil-free have been a game-changer with their super-light formulation. 

As the name suggests, the oil-free moisturizer is free from oil ingredients and is water-based. It is packed with hydrating properties and gives you smooth and soft skin. Oil-free moisturizers also keep the excess sebum production in check. In fact, Mamaearth moisturizer is made to control oil and prevent zits and pimples!

So, if you are dealing with acne and breakouts, it’s time to ditch thick and oily moisturizers and turn to something that’s made just for your skin type. To help understand how and why an oil-free Mamaearth moisturizer is good for you, we have scooped out its best benefits. Take a look!

  • It Is Light and Non-Greasy

The main feature of an oil-free moisturizer is that it is extremely light and does make skin look or feel greasy after every use. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin, leaving no stickiness or oiliness behind. This is why those who have been worried about the greasy nature of moisturizers will totally love this!

  • It Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

One common reason people often skip moisturizers when it comes to oily skin is that such skin type is already hydrated. Well, that’s a misconception. There is a huge difference between oily and hydrated skin. The former contains a lot of oil or sebum that impacts your skin’s barrier function. Healthy hydrated skin, is all about the moisture that it needs to stay supple and soft. 

To hit the right balance, you can use an oil-free moisturizer. This Mamaearth moisturizer is enriched with water-based ingredients that make sure your skin gets all the hydration without getting greasy. 

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  • It Does Not Clog the Pores

Another essential factor that makes oil-free moisturizer the best bet for those with acne-prone skin is its non-comedogenic nature. In simple words, non-comedogenic products are those which do not cause clogging of skin pores. With no clogged pores and lesser oil on the skin, you open a window to clean and soft skin!

  • It Prevents Acne

When it comes to the causes of acne, you will find that it often results due to pores clogged with hair, oil, and dead skin cells. This also prepares for a great environment for acne-causing bacteria. By using an oil-free moisturizer, you attack the root cause – clogged pores. 

What more? Mamaearth moisturizer also has an oil-repellent formula that further removes excess oil, preventing breakout and acne. 

  • It Balances Skin pH

The majority of the time, people don’t consider the need to maintain their skin’s pH. But when you have acne-prone skin, it is very important to balance the pH. Normally, your skin’s pH should remain around 5.5. Anything that goes below becomes acidic and makes your skin itchy, red, or irritated. This is also when you can get new zits or pimples. Even the pH above 5.5 is not good. It can lead to dryness and may cause inflammation and wrinkles. In short, you need to maintain the pH to get better skin. 

Thankfully, Mamaearth moisturizers also cope with these troubles. Enriched with apple cider vinegar, it balances the pH level and further protects your skin from breakouts and dryness. 


Now that you know quite a lot about why oil-free moisturizer is a great product feel free to buy Mamaearth moisturizer online. You can also check out Mamaearth products like Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Face Wash to add to your regime and say goodbye to pimples forever!

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