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Steps To Shortlist the Best Baby Lotion Online

Steps To Shortlist the Best Baby Lotion Online
Babies come clutching a moonbeam in one hand and a ray of sunshine in another. They usher us into a zone of tranquility that is perfectly triangulated with a heavenly bliss of love, affection, and care. We thus try to keep them cozy and comfortable at times, both physically and emotionally. Caring for their emotional security could differ but using the best baby lotion might provide a common (and effective) way to understand their love for you. We are here to make your baby world a happier and more exciting place to be. Hence, we offer a wide range of safe, gentle, and effective baby care products that are made of natural and toxin-free ingredients. But before that, we would like to discuss what characteristics one should look for while shortlisting such a baby lotion online.  How to shortlist a baby lotion? Before deciding on the best baby lotion for yourself, we think it would be best to know the differentiating factors that make a lotion better than the one next to it. We thus consulted some baby care experts online to know how new or first-time parents can make a better buying decision for their babies.
  • Safe and gentle
The baby’s skin is soft and tender. It is thus best to use a baby care product that is both safe and gentle for them. Using anything that soothes and nourishes their skin should do the trick.
  • Toxin-free ingredients (free from harmful chemicals)
Ahead of the above point, it is even more important to opt for products that do not contain any harsh chemicals like parabens or mineral oils. 
  • Check for pH balance 
A baby’s skin has a natural pH between 5 and 5.5. This is why baby care products with a pH of this range are best suited for him. 
  • Easy availability
You are buying a baby care product, not a cellphone in an online flash sale. It is thus worth knowing that if a baby care product is not consistently available in the market, it cannot always be relied on. 
  • Consistent with skin type
Your baby could have dry, oily, or combination type of skin- and it is over and above the tender texture of his skin. Be sure to use baby care products that do not worsen the issues.
  • Is the product hypoallergenic?
This is serious. Opting for a product that could cause allergies, rashes, redness, inflammation, or any such issue may not be the best fit. Which is the best baby lotion in the UAE? The above points explain the importance of adopting a careful procedure for shortlisting the best baby care product. We recommend you check for a baby care product online that meets the above criteria before deciding to buy. We thus welcome you to try our Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies, it is the best baby lotion we have made. It also ranks among the top 5 online baby care products in the UAE and is widely known for its super-safe and gentle experience on the baby’s tender skin.  It is deeply moisturizing, relieves dryness, and offers a no irritation experience. It is enriched with the following safe, gentle, and natural ingredients:
  • Shea butter: It nourishes the skin deeply and relieves dryness.
  • Calendula extract: Its antibacterial and antifungal properties reduce inflammation and irritation 
  • Cocoa butter: It also heals dry and damaged skin by reducing dryness. 
  • Aloe vera extracts: It gently soothes the skin by healing dry and chapped skin
Here’s why else should you opt for this best baby lotion. It offers up to 12 hours of hydration and protection from dryness to the baby’s tender skin without making it greasy or sticky. It keeps the baby’s skin tender, soft, and healthy with regular application. Add to it a baby wash, and you can have the best experience  We also recommend that you opt for our Combo offer of Daily Moisturizing Baby Lotion with Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash. This combo product is available in 200 ml packs apiece. The Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash is also a safe and gentle product that effectively cleanses the baby’s tender skin of dust, grime, and pollutants. It features the following natural cleansers:
  • Coconut Oil: Reduces inflammation and irritation, and prevents dryness 
  • Orange Essential Oil: Provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, thus driving infections away
  • Jojoba Oil: Enriches the skin cells with Selenium, Vitamins, Zinc, Chromium, and Iodine.
  • Aloe Vera Extracts: Heals and moisturizes the drier skin cells, thus rejuvenating the skin’s texture.
Aside from it, this body also comes with a tear-free formula that helps provide deep nourishment without causing any irritation. We suggest that parents may use it on the tender skin of their young ones at least twice a day.  Four exciting body washes that you may opt for Aside from our best baby lotion, you may also try our exciting body washes for growing children (over two years of age). They are also made of safe, natural, and gentle ingredients and do not contain toxins or harmful chemicals. These kids’ body washes are available in the following variants:
  • Brave Blueberry Body Wash for Kids with Blueberry and Oat Protein
  • Super Strawberry Body Wash for Kids with Strawberry and Oat Protein
  • Major Mango Body Wash for Kids with Mango and Oat Protein
  • Agent Apple Body Wash for Kids with Apple and Oat Protein
They are free from sulfates, and gently cleanse the skin without causing any rashes or irritation. These body washes are also enriched with oat protein and glycerin to smoothen the skin and provide deep nourishment.  Summing up A baby body lotion may not always work in isolation. It would thus be best to give it a strong base to operate on and deliver its natural goodness to your baby’s skin. We have mentioned two other allied products that you may use for your little sunshine’s bathing and post-bathing experience.  Mamaearth UAE is Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand. We offer a wide range of dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, and Dubai Municipality Approved baby care products to suit a wide spectrum of parenting needs and aspirations.  Also Read: 5 Mamaearth Products for Baby Also Read: Which Are The Best Mamaearth Products For Glowing Skin Also Read: Best 5 Mamaearth Products for Oily Skin Also Read: Mamaearth Products for Dry Skin Also Read: Which Shampoo is the Best for Hair In UAE Also Read: Which Is the Best Conditioner for Hair in the UAE? Also Read: Which Conditioner Best for Treating Hair Fall, Frizz, and Dandruff?

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