Shortlisting the Best Shampoo for Hair Fall Control


If life were a school and hair care were a subject, baldness would have to be the passing marks. There can be no two ways to understand the gravity of the situation in today’s fast-paced world wherein hectic work schedules, stress, and medications converge into one force to create more hair care issues than ever. The smartest way to avert baldness is to opt for the best shampoo for hair fall control as early as possible.

But there is a lot more to it than just selecting a product online and buying it online. One should also consider several other interrelated factors before expecting any far-fetched results. We are discussing how these factors and their sum could affect your hair care results, and what changes can we bring about by using the best shampoo for hair fall control.

Baldness always starts with a prequel

Baldness is not some lesser-known form of black magic and it certainly does not just “happen” to someone overnight. It requires constant negligence of the nutritional components sought after by the hair roots and hair follicles, and this neglect often continues to roll over for months on end. One only realizes it when it is too late to mend the fences and hair fall becomes an inevitable result.

Frequent and excessive hair fall is usually the next step to it and it breaks down all barriers to protective measures that one could decide to take. One could now switch to well-wished changes like a healthier lifestyle, nutritional diet, regular sleep cycles, and zero stress, but none would seem to have any effect. 

No matter what part of the world you live in, it would also make sense to look at the immediate environmental and climatic conditions. If you live in a country with a hot, dry, or hot and humid climate, you could experience more hair fall (and even baldness). This is because excess sweat and grime may seep into the hair roots and weaken them. They may also reduce the efficiency of your current hair care product or render it completely useless.

This would have a strong bearing on your scalp cells. They would start losing out on moisturization and the natural lubrication that holds the hair strands together. There are no prizes for guessing what the results would be after a few months down the line if you do not take any corrective measures.

Features to look for in the best shampoo for hair fall control

Frequent and excessive hair fall is one of those fearful aspects that could lead to lower self-worth and even depression. It may affect your physical, psychological, and mental images so badly that you would even start thinking in all reckless dimensions. 

Our hair care experts thus advise that you take a more proactive approach and start looking out for safe, gentle, toxin-free, and super-effective hair care products that could help you resolve this issue. Considering an anti-hair fall shampoo would be a good point to start.

Here is what you should look for in the best shampoo for hair fall control:

  1. It should cleanse oil and dirt
  2. It should be easy to apply
  3. It should have safe, gentle, nourishing, and toxin-free ingredients
  4. It should have a lightweight consistency
  5. It should be budget-friendly

When shopping for the best shampoo for hair fall control, you should also consider your hair type, texture, and quality. It would also serve you to check for the pH level and the extent of hair damage experienced, besides the level of pollution outside. Sometimes, the present weather conditions may also have a say in such conditions. For example, you can lose more hair during the summer and rainy seasons.

Which is the best shampoo for hair fall control?

We recommend opting for safe, gentle, toxin-free, and nourishing hair shampoo that is in line with your hair type. You may try our Onion Shampoo for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control with Onion Oil and Plant Keratin. It helps reduce hair fall, accelerate hair growth, and strengthen the roots and thus ranks among the top 5 online hair care products in the UAE.

It features Onion Seed Oil, Keratin, D-Panthenol, and Vitamin E that together improve blood supply to the hair roots and maintain moisture balance in the hair roots. These ingredients thus provide deep nourishment, smoothen hair strands, and make it stronger and shinier. We recommend using this shampoo at least twice a week for the best results. 

It would also be better to pair this hair shampoo with our Onion Conditioner for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control with Onion and Coconut. It reduces excessive hair fall, makes hair stronger and shinier, and provides a faster detangling effect to dull and damaged hair.

This toxin-free hair conditioner features Onion, Coconut, and Sweet Almond Oil. These ingredients help increase blood supply in the scalp and promote faster hair growth via hair growth oil. Coconut triglycerides ensure that your hair stays free from bacterial infections and seasonal damage. We recommend using our Onion Conditioner at least once a week for the best results.

You may also try our Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit. It features our Onion Shampoo, Onion Conditioner, and Onion Hair Oil. This trio helps provide faster hair growth, adds strength and shine, and balances the scalp’s natural pH value. Ascertaining these results ensures that you have a more positive appearance and a positive self-belief.

Tip: We also recommend you try Mamaearth Berry Blast Toothpaste for your kids. Made of Aloe Barbadensis and Stevia, it is meant for your children’s oral care. It promotes healthier gums and cleanses their teeth. It is safe even if swallowed.  

Summing up!

At Mamaearth UAE, we offer you the best-in-class hair care experience with our toxin-free hair care products. We recommend you download our all-new app for your Android-powered smartphone or iPhone to explore our wide range of MadeSafe-certified hair care products. You can place your order online to buy these products to avail a secure and hassle-free shopping experience. 

Did you know? We are a Made Safe certified brand. Our products are made using only safe, gentle, and toxin-free ingredients- and are thus certified by Dubai Municipality and PETA. In addition, our products are dermatologically tested and cleared only after multiple stringent tests. 

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