6 Best Mamaearth Products for Dry Skin

6 Best Mamaearth Products for Dry Skin

Does your skin start peeling off like sandpaper every time you put any face cream on your face? Or does your skin have this tendency to break out in the summer or winter season? We guess you have dry skin, and you should thus use skincare products that are sensitive, gentle, calming, and deeply nourishing. In this article, we have listed six of the best Mamaearth products for dry skin, which are extremely nourishing and hydrating. 

Dry skin is one of the six major skin types, and it is characterized by a persistent lack of moisture and hydration. Some people get it genetically, while some suffer the fate due to the negligence towards moisturizers. In addition, taking hot showers or using abrasive-based soaps and cosmetics can also strip away your moisture even when you have normal skin. 

Regardless of the reason, we have assorted 6 Mamaearth products for dry skin to help you get closer to an ideal skincare regime. It’s all there in the next section of this article.

6 Best Mamaearth Products for Dry Skin

A beauty regime can be summarized in five steps. They are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, protecting, and treating. We are mentioning five skincare products that address these stages (one product for each stage), and one bonus product for a more radiant and age-defying appearance every time you step out. The list is as follows: 

  1. Aqua Glow Face Wash

It starts with keeping our skin free from dirt, germs, grim, or makeup residue. The concern is to shield the moisture content from getting affected during the cleansing process. This is why we recommend Aqua Glow Face Wash because it effectively cleans the skin without drying it.

Blending safe, natural, and nourishing ingredients like Himalayan Thermal Water, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe Vera, our Aqua Glow Face Wash boosts the hydration in your skin. It thus makes the skin cells deeply moisturized, nourished, and all plumped up. The natural goodness of Himalayan Water makes it the best face wash for dry skin. 

  1. Vitamin C Face Toner 

Then comes the toning, the most critical step after cleansing. Toner works on the clogged pores and restores the moisture you may lose during the cleansing. Toning is necessary for people with dry skin. That’s why we will suggest our Vitamin C Face Toner. It comes enriched with the richness of Vitamin C, Cucumber, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera Extracts, which provide a calming and soothing effect on dry skin. 

Besides keeping the moisture level intact in your skin cells, this vitamin C toner helps revive your natural radiance. It also works well to reduce dark spots, blackheads, and fine lines. So, chase away the dryness on your skin and welcome a glowing appearance!

  1. Bye Bye Blemishes Cream

The next step in our list is to work on the problem areas, which often result from dryness and damaged epidermis. Bye Bye Blemishes Cream offers intense nourishment to fade the blemishes, pigmentations, and dullness. Its non-greasy formula gives broader skin coverage and acts on spot correction. 

With a thoughtful mixture of Vitamin C, Daisy Flower Extract, Mulberry Extract, and Licorice Extract, Bye Bye Blemishes is an ideal rescuer from dryness and skin damage. Just like you would choose Mamaearth Onion Oil for controlling hair fall, you could also dispel your skin woes with this beauty product! 

  1. Skin Illuminate Face Serum

Now comes the treatment part. At Mamaearth UAE, we make sure that your skin looks every bit gorgeous! We create an incredible range of skincare, body care, hair care, and baby care products that go gentle on the skin, repairing the damages and helping you get rid of the issues. Skin Illuminate Face serum is another great product for dry skin that improves your skin’s elasticity. 

Topping the list of the best Mamaearth products for dry skin, this face serum illuminates the skin and takes care of the skin’s moisture level. It features naturally soothing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract, Turmeric, and Squalane that help in boosting skin illumination. So, let your skin imbibe the goodness of these potent ingredients and maximize its natural radiance.

  1. Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen 

In our list of the best Mamaearth Products for dry skin, we have explained why moisturizing, toning, and treating are critical for our skin health. And now is the time to throw some light on protecting our skin barrier too. Dry skin could often break out when layering with sun protectants due to its high-end composition. So, at Mamaearth, we have curated a range of sunscreen, which is gentle and soothing to the dry texture of the skin. 

With ingredients like Carrot Seed Oil, Turmeric, Cananga Oil, Orange Oil, and Carrot Seed Oil in its belt, this amazingly packed sun protectant lends optimal protection from UVA and UVB rays. Securing its place among the top 5 online sunscreens, it also targets suntanning and heals it if applied regularly. Whether you are big on skincare or not, sunscreen is a non-negotiable product for every person living under the sun. Thus, protect it before going ahead for extras! .

  1. Bye Bye Dark Circles 

When we talk about skin wellness, dark circles are a major roadblock to a flawless and radiant appearance. Usually, people do not trust eye care products due to the lack of effectiveness. Now, let’s move ahead with those perceptions and give this beauty a chance! Our Bye Bye Dark Circles cream also has the goodness of nature in it to offer faster relief from those annoying puffy eye bags.

This eye cream is enriched with Vitamin C, Daisy Flower, Licorice Extracts, Mulberry Extracts, which help treat swollen eye bags and eliminate hyperpigmentation and fine lines. It is completely safe to be used multiple times a day. 

Mamaearth UAE: Your skincare partner to counter dryness! 

Skincare is a time-intensive process and should always be personalized. The problems that seem negotiable now can become unavoidable in the longer run. The trick is to listen to even the tiniest things our skin has to say. At Mamaearth UAE, we develop different yet effective solutions for the best experience. 

More importantly, we strive to practice the healthy habit of keeping our ecosystem balanced. We never test on animals and recycle more plastic than the plastic we use in our packaging. From curating Mamaearth Onion Oil to the Ubtan range, we never use any harmful toxins in our product range. 

A little piece of advice!

Get over those matte-finish looks if your skin isn’t capable of wearing those. Our dry skin needs the pampering of extremely hydrating products and not the one which can hurt our barrier. So, bring these Mamaearth Products for dry skin home and let your skin speak for itself!

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