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Is Mamaearth Onion Mask Worth it?

We are sure you love your hair and you are trying your level best to protect your hair. But sometimes basic hair care regimens that comprise just shampooing and conditioning don’t work! You need something extra to maintain the shine and strength of your hair. 

If you have wondered why your efforts are not giving you fruitful results? Then keep on reading! We shall let you in on all the hair care secrets that you need for that perfect hair flip and healthy tresses. 

One such product that can be gamechanging for your hair care regimen without breaking the bank and without much effort is none other than Mamaearth Onion Mask. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Mamaearth Onion mask so effective for hair growth. 

What makes Mamaearth Onion Mask the best solution for hair care?

Hair care experts keep experimenting with formulas to narrow down on a product that can be of immense help to you. Mamaearth UAE presents to you the Mamaearth Onion Mask, where we have tried to tap into the goodness of toxin-free products to provide exceptional health benefits in one amazing product. 

  • Onion Oil: Onion seed extract or onion oil is one of the core ingredients present in the Mamaearth Onion Mask, available both online and in retail stores. This ingredient is known for its ability to reverse the damage caused to the hairs after they have been exposed to harsh climatic conditions, excessive pollution, and other impurities for quite some time.

    Apart from keeping the hair and scalp clean, onion oil imparts nourishment to the scalp and creates an environment that is better suited for optimum hair growth. It also helps in providing a soothing effect and adds relief against itchiness and irritations. (You may note that a similar set of benefits may also be derived from onion juice too).
  • Coconut Oil: Dandruff is a common issue with most people. It usually occurs when the scalp loses its moisture, thus resulting in flaky skin and weaker hair follicles. Coconut oil reverses the damage by nourishing dry hair and keeping the scalp moist, thus reducing dandruff and reducing breakage of hair too. It thus seconds the efficacy of using onion juice or oil on the scalp.
  • Organic Bamboo Vinegar: Bacteria can worsen dandruff issues and cause an itchy and irritated scalp. For this purpose, the addition of organic bamboo vinegar in its formula is a huge advantage as it keeps harmful bacteria at bay and strengthens the hair shaft.  Furthermore, organic bamboo vinegar helps in boosting blood circulation, which makes the scalp and hair follicles healthier.
  • Rosemary Oil: We understand that you want to look young and vibrant. Thus, when grey hair starts showing up, we do need a solution. This hair product also comes enriched with rosemary oil. It prevents premature greying of the hair and acts as a stimulant for faster hair growth. 

Why Should You Buy the Mamaearth Onion Mask? 

Still wondering why Mamaearth Onion Mask should be a regular addition to your hair care kit? We are offering some key differentiating factors to help you make up your mind in the favour of this toxin-free, value-for-money product.

  • Natural Ingredients: There are so many products available in the market. However, not every brand comes with the identity of using natural ingredients. In this product, you will be getting the goodness of onion oil, coconut oil, organic bamboo vinegar, and rosemary oil in their truest forms. 
  • No Toxic Components: To ensure that you get the best out of the product, Mamaearth UAE ensures that no toxic elements like parabens, sulphates, SLSs, and more are used in the product. This toxin-free hair mask does not even contain adulterations such as synthetic colours or fragrances. 
  • Suitable for All Hair Types: it is important to choose the right product for our hair type. Thus, Mamaearth UAE has made its product suitable for all hair types. People of all age groups may use this hair mask even if they have their hair chemically treated (through dyes or colours) or have tried permanent straightening or perming of their hair.

Well, that explains why so many people around the world vouch for Mamaearth UAE in their hair care routine.  We recommend that you use this hair mask twice or thrice a week. You may do so by applying it directly to your wet hair and then leaving it on for fifteen minutes. You may rinse the lather off with shampoo afterward. You will love how soft yet strong your hair feels. So, get ready to experience a ‘good hair day’ every day! 

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