Which is the Best Toothpaste for Babies?

Which is the Best Toothpaste for Babies?

Aren’t pearl-like teeth considered to be a blessing? Well, most of us dream of a healthy set of teeth that do not set boundaries for eating anything sweet. Just think, if we, as adults, cannot bear the toothaches, why do we let our kids suffer from those? Cavities are the opposite of healthy dental care, and we should best avoid them. Opting for the best toothpaste for babies is one smart way to get the job done.In the next few paragraphs, you will find some of the best and gentlest toothpaste available online in the UAE. So, stay tuned!

What is the best toothpaste for your kid?

  1. 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids

Here comes the secret to healthy and strong teeth. We understand your heart beats faster every time your kid stands in front of you with that cute “one-more-chocolate” look. Unfortunately, stopping kids from eating sweets or chocolates isn’t always possible or fair. This is why we have designed a healthy range of toothpaste for kids that tastes good and works excellent on kids’ teeth. 

Give your little bundle of sunshine a tried-and-tested tooth care formula and save them from painful toothache later. Considered the best toothpaste for babies, it prevents bacterial growth and offers a refreshing taste in the mouth. It also contains several high-grade ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis, Stevia, and Xylitol that protect your kids’ teeth without disturbing their taste buds.

  1. Sulfate-Free Awesome Orange Toothpaste for Kids with Fluoride

Many parents will agree brushing a kid’s teeth is nothing but an uphill battle where we need immense patience. If you are one of those concerned parents who wish to make your kids’ brushing experience hassle-free, this sulfate-free toothpaste is what you need to order right now. Assimilating some of the most effective ingredients like Fluoride, Xylitol, Natural Orange Flavor, Aloe Vera, etc., it tops the list of best toothpaste for babies in the UAE. 

Fluoride in toothpaste ensures that babies’ kids stay protected from the cavity, while Xylitol maintains the mouth’s pH, and orange flavor ensures the taste factor in the toothpaste. Thus, forget all your worries that you were carrying for your kid’s dental hygiene and get yourself this amazingly prepared toothpaste. 

It’s time for a smooth and stress-free parental journey with Mamaearth UAE

Mamaearth UAE adheres to the idea of stress-free parenting. Our baby care products are powered by a thoughtful selection of natural ingredients, so you can have a safe and gentle experience of caring for your baby’s dental issues. We thus offer a wide range of baby care products for a blissful parenting experience. 

We understand babies are susceptible to oral infections. But it is not practically possible to save your little one from relishing sweets and chocolates. Isn’t it one such task that we somehow always fail at? There is no need to pretend like you are a strict parent when you are not. 

We recommend you let your child have that piece of chocolate, but then also brush their teeth with the best toothpaste for babies. Mamaearth UAE is there to back you up in your parenting ride with its safe, effective, and natural baby care products. 

We present our amazing range of baby toothpaste that will give your kid a fun experience of brushing, in addition to keeping their gums and oral hygiene in check. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes our toothpaste so special:

  • Optimal dental protection also ensures the health of the gum.
  • Free from toxins such as SLA, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates.
  • A gentle amalgamation of natural ingredients that keep cavity and toothache away.
  • The formulation ensures a sweet taste so that kids can enjoy brushing.
  • These toothpastes are specially prepared to prevent tooth decay.

Allied baby care products that you can buy online 

After mentioning the best toothpaste for babies in the previous section, we also recommend some allied baby care products that you may opt for to provide the best caring experience to your little sunshine. Here they are:

  1. Plant-Based Diaper Pants

We are a cruelty-free and PETA-certified brand. We are also plastic-positive, and we serve you without disturbing the ecosystem. This is why we offer eco-friendly, safe, and gentle diaper pants that offer long-time comfort to your child. They are designed to make your babies’ nap time relaxing and to keep them away from developing any infections and rashes. 

This plant-based diaper doesn’t include latex, fragrance, lotions, and chlorine bleaching. It is no wonder that it ranks among the top 5 online diapers in Dubai.

  1. Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies

As much as you care for your little one’s skin, teeth, and overall health, it is important to move your eyes to their hair. But unfortunately, frizzy and dry hair tends to invade everyone’s life without considering gender, age, or creed. So, beware, your child may also get affected with hair problems if his hair care routine is not carried out properly. It’s time you take the burden off your shoulders and bring home the rage of nourishing hair oil for babies. 

Concocting the goodness of Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Avocado Oil, this oil will provide intense nourishment to babies’ scalp and foster healthier hair growth.

  1. Agent Apple Body Lotion for Kids

Do you want to know the secret to a happy and well-nourished skin baby? Maybe it is time for you to leap towards the healthy habit of using the gentle formula for your kids. Our Agent Apple Body Lotion for Kids is an amazing merger of some extremely moisturizing ingredients such as Apple, Shea Butter, Oat Milk, Coconut Oil, etc. 

We recommend you try these safe, gentle, and nourishing body lotions that come enriched with the goodness of nature. Sunshine would never seem so pure!

A little piece of advice from us! 

Newborns are like a clay pot- they are ready to grow and develop whatever learnings, surroundings, and approach you to provide them with. So, make sure you are going all-out and giving your maximum to raise your little sunshine. Toothaches are unbearable, and no parents wish to see their kid suffering from such pain. 

Once your kids learn to spit the foam out and develop the hint of teeth, buy them a good toothbrush and Mamaearth’s Toothpaste. By crafting the best toothpaste for babies, we are devoted to promoting kids’ dental hygiene in the best possible manner. It’s time you give us a try! 

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Which is the Best Toothpaste for Cavities?

Which is the Best Toothpaste for Cavities?

Are you well-equipped with all the baby care essentials that your little one needs? In addition to keeping everything in check, from food to diapers and lotions to oils, you also need to be cautious of your kid’s oral and dental health as well. If you wish to protect your kids from painful cavities, start searching for the Best Toothpaste for Cavities right away and help your kids make an ideal habit of brushing.

Toothpaste is an ideal gateway to proper dental hygiene for your kids. However, some kids hate brushing owing to the unfavorable taste of toothpaste. Therefore, you should always buy a nicely flavored toothpaste that pleases your toddler’s taste buds as well. If you are having a hard time finding the Best Toothpaste for Cavities, here’s an article to help you with more details on the topic.

Kids Toothpastes That Ensure Maximum Protection from Cavities 

Offered by Mamaearth UAE, here are some of the best toothpaste for cavities that you could use for your kids. These products come free of harmful chemicals and toxins and can be bought online or in a superstore in Dubai or the UAE.

  1. Mamaearth UAE Orange Toothpaste for Kids with Fluoride 

Is it too difficult to brush your kid’s teeth? Well, not anymore! We understand the effort goes into brushing kids’ teeth, which is why we are offering an amazing range of kids toothpastes to make your child’s brushing experience fun. 

These oral care essentials come enriched with some effective ingredients such as Fluoride, Xylitol, Natural Orange Flavor, Aloe Vera, etc. It is also the Best Toothpaste for Cavities because it fights tooth decay, prevents plaque, and provides optimum protection from cavities in a hassle-free manner. 

Fluoride in Toothpaste helps strengthen the babies’ teeth when they learn to spit the foam out. While the orange flavor ensures the taste factor, Xylitol upkeeps the mouth’s pH, and aloe vera keeps infections and oral cavities at bay. Thus, give your little ray of light holistic nourishment of teeth and gum with this supremely designed toothpaste.

  1. Mamaearth UAE Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids 

Are you stressed over your kids’ dental and oral health? It is natural to be worried about even the littlest things regarding kids’ wellbeing. Of all the things that seem hazardous to kids’ health, somehow, it is the cavities (and their toothache) that still top the list. 

However, endless browsing for Best Toothpaste for Cavities is not enough; and you would also need to buy a tried and tested formula for your little bundle of sunshine. We recommend buying the Berry Blast Toothpaste, which cleanses the teeth and gives a subtle and natural foam while brushing. 

Being one of the safest and best toothpaste for cavities, it restricts bacterial regrowth and counters tooth decay excellently. Furthermore, it assimilates the ingredients such as Aloe Barbadensis, Stevia, Xylitol, all of which ensure your kids’ optimal protection from the cavity. 

Benefits of Using Mamaearth Toothpaste  

  • They offer better dental protection.
  • They help you take the best care of delicate gum.
  • They are loaded with powerful ingredients that provide faster relief from cavity and tooth decay. 
  • They are free from harsh chemicals and toxins such as SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, and Petrochemicals.
  • They seamlessly blend gentle ingredients which go well on your kid’s tooth 
  • They provide a tasteful experience for your kids, making them love their brushing experience. 

Some other kids care essentials 

  • Mamaearth Agent Apple Body Wash for Kids 

Add some fun and happiness to your baby’s bathing session with this amazingly prepared Body Wash. However, we discerned that some soaps are not safe for babies’ skin as they tend to create redness or spots on their skin. 

Our Agent Apple Body Wash contains the goodness of Green Apple, Oat Amino, Glycerin, and so on. While Oat Amino Acids and Green Apple gently draw out all the dirt and grime from the skin, Glycerin is known to be an effective moisturizing agent which locks in the moisture content of your babies’ skin.

  • Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies 

Furnished with some highly cherished ingredients such as Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, etc. This nourishing hair oil is a wholesome recipe for hair growth for kids that also secures its spot among the Top 5 Online Oils for kids. 

It is specially designed for babies’ scalp, which provides deep nourishment to babies’ scalp and promotes healthier hair growth. In addition, this oil is an effective fusion of Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, giving relief from any irritation in the scalp and strengthening the quality of hair.

  • Dusting Powder for Babies 

Is your toddler struggling with rashes, infections, inflation, and redness? We understand every parenting concern, thus introducing an ideal range of Dusting Powder that calms and soothes the kids’ skin. 

Being the most convenient and best option against talcum powder, this product aims to give your little bub a comfortable and happy feeling all day long. It comes enriched with Oatmeal, Corn Starch, Arrowroot Powder, etc., all of which relieve your baby from any bacterial infections and rashes caused by diapers.

  • Plant-Based Diaper Pants

We, at Mamaearth UAE, present plant-based diaper pants for a healthier and comfortable experience for toddlers! Designed to make babies’ nap time hassle-free and carefree travels, these diaper pants also swear to absorb two times better than any other ordinary pads. 

In addition, it does not include latex, lotion, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching, thus making it a safer and effective diaper for your kid. It offers 12 hours of leakage protection and is recommended for its gentleness on babies’ tender skin.

Summing up

Whether it is fruity flavored toothpaste or mint-flavored ones, if your little one is developing the habit of brushing twice every day, then you are less likely to be in trouble. An ideally formulated toothpaste is imperative for healthier primary and adult teeth, which are yet to erupt in your kid’s mouth. Other than brushing, you may also teach your kids a thing or two about flossing. 

A well-thought-out oral care routine will certainly restrict the onset of the cavity and help them enjoy their life to the fullest. Well done if you find the Best Toothpaste for Cavities for your kids, but if you have not yet, you may try our toxin-free and gentle products to have a trouble-free parenting experience. 

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Things to Consider while Choosing a Baby Toothpaste

Things to Consider while Choosing a Baby Toothpaste

You must have seen various toothpaste brands, one such being the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth. These may have made you think that your little one is too little to require a baby toothpaste online. However, did you know that you may be completely wrong too by making this assumption? It often becomes difficult for a parent to judge when they should start the oral care process for their babies. As a parent, if you believe that your baby needs oral care once the first tooth shows up, you are completely wrong. Oral care begins much before the tooth even starts to show up in reality. 

A baby holding a toothbrush

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How Do You Know When to Begin Oral Care for Your Baby?

One great way to determine if your baby needs oral care is by observing your baby’s movement. According to the general norm, it is seen that a baby develops a tendency to grab anything and place a bite on the same roughly when the baby’s age is six months or older. Your baby may bite the ears of their favorite teddy bear, for instance. Your baby might even try to play a superhero by trying to bite on the doorknob as well. If you see such signs, understand that your baby has already started getting the tingling feeling in the gum. This is an indicator that the first tooth will emerge soon. That is why you should start the oral care process for your baby at this stage. Take a look at the Toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth and a cute brush, to begin with. And, if you are wondering how you should purchase a baby toothpaste online without considering the pros and cons of toothpaste, like the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth, we have a small guide to help you out. 

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Toothpaste for Your Kid? 

We understand your concern, and we know that you want the best for your child. Thus, after consulting with the best dentists in Dubai, UAE, we have listed the key points that will help you master the art of oral care for your baby and choose the best toothpaste, such as the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth. 

  • Look for a Natural Product: There are so many baby toothpaste online, and getting confused during selection is natural. The first elimination factor should be to check the contents of the toothpaste. If the toothpaste is made with chemical infusions, it can have a very strong formula that is not suitable for your baby. On the other hand, if the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth is made of natural ingredients exclusively, you can be assured that your child will benefit from the goodness of the natural ingredients in the mild formula. 
Natural Organic Toothpaste Babies
  • Check for the Fluoride Content and Safety Certification: Fluoride is an essential element in toothpaste as it helps prevent the decaying of teeth. While fluoride in the toothpaste is good, too much fluoride can be harmful as it may lead to a disorder called fluorosis. Before you buy the toothpaste, check the fluoride content so that it is within the safety limits. Opting for a product like the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth that is clinically tested for safety and recommended by dentists is a good choice. 
  • Choose a Friendly Flavour: This is not a beneficial factor, but some things are meant for fun, right? Initially, your baby will end up swallowing a part of the toothpaste even if you try to make them spit it out. Your baby might even refuse to use toothpaste. So, buy a toothpaste that has a pleasant flavor like the fruity flavors. Minty flavors can become too spicy for your child, and try to skip the same. 

Do you feel confident now that you know how to initiate the oral care process for your baby? Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Check out the reviews online and buy the best toothpaste for your little one today to add to the beauty of their smile. 

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5 Things to Know When Buying Toothpaste For Kids

5 Things to Know When Buying Toothpaste For Kids

No matter how hard you try to hide the extra candies, your little ones will find a way to eat them and end up getting cavities. This is where oral care comes in. From brushing your munchkin’s teeth twice a day to flossing after meals, there are several ways to make sure your little one’s pearls remain sparkling and healthy. And every parent knows about these habits. 

But that is not the full picture.  What choosing the right toothpaste? How to know which toothpaste is perfect for your kid? Well, we have created this quick guide for you. Below are five things you should consider when choosing Toothpaste for Kids your little one:

The Ingredients

What makes a toothpaste best for your kid is the list of ingredients it contains. Also, since the kids often swallow or eat toothpaste while brushing, it is important that you should know what is inside the tube. You can also talk to your dentist if you want to be sure of the toothpaste. Otherwise, we would suggest you go for one with natural ingredients. 

Mamaearth toothpaste, for instance, contains ingredients like Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Stevia, natural orange flavor – that are all plant-based. All these ingredients are safe and effective for your baby’s dental care. 

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The Fluoride Dilemma

While searching more about the toothpaste ingredients, you will know that fluoride is one of the most famous agents that helps in preventing tooth decay. But don’t just jump in for any toothpaste having mention of fluoride. You need to understand that toothpaste for adults and kids need to have different quantities of fluoride. 

For kids, too much fluoride can be harmful, especially in cases where there is a chance they can injest toothpaste. Thus, make sure you choose a toothpaste that has a fluoride content not more than 1000 ppm. We, at Mamaearth, understand it, and that’s why our toothpaste only has 750ppm of Sodium Fluoride in our Mamaearth toothpaste. 


The next step ahead of ingredients is the benefits list. Carefully read all the benefits and features of toothpaste and see if they cater to your kids’ needs. For example, if your little one has tooth decay, choose Mamaearth toothpaste to fight cavities effectively. 

Along with that, Mamaearth toothpaste removes any plaque build-up, bringing back your little one’s sparkling smile. The toothpaste also cleans off all the germs and offers complete oral and gum protection. 


The flavor may not sound like a super-important factor, but it does count when it comes to toothpaste for kids. After all, brushing is not really a favorite task of the day. The things can even become difficult and tantrum-filled when your kid has to do it twice! So, instead of putting your energy into convincing and scolding them, buy toothpaste with a nice flavor. 

You can find Mamaearth toothpaste with orange and strawberry flavors that will make the kids enjoy brushing even more. 

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Safe and Certified

Safety is something you just can’t miss, especially when your little munchkins are involved. Therefore, always check if the toothpaste has all the necessary certifications and is tested for kids. Mamaearth toothpaste is completely safe for kids and is also recommended by doctors. 

What more? You also won’t find any trace of harmful chemicals like SLS or SLES, making it super safe for your child. 

The Takeaway

From candies and sweets to chewing their favorite toys – kids know all the ways to make parents stress about their oral health. But it is time to leave the stress and buy Mamaearth toothpaste online. This plant-based toothpaste will not just clean teeth and fight cavities but also reduces plaque and soothes gums. So make brushing time a fun time.

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