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5 Mamaearth Products for Baby You Should Try Today!

Delicate skin, warm eyes, and a heartfelt smile – your baby comes as a brand new package of beautiful emotions when it looks at you for the first time. As a parent, all you want to do is protect these feelings forever. But, when giving your little one the best of everything, you may have your set of doubts as to which products work best for your baby. With Mamaearth products for baby, this journey of parenthood will become easier, happier, and more memorable than ever. 

The world is filled with so many different alternatives that you are bound to get confused with. As a new parent, it can be an overwhelming experience to describe at all. Mamaearth products for baby are a better and safer choice for more than one reason to list down. 

For one, we commit to nature like no other. It manufactures a diverse range of skincare, haircare, body care, and baby care products with the best natural ingredients. All the products are toxin-free, and it also stands as Asia’s first MadeSafe Certified brand. 

In this article, we will take you through some of our most loved baby care products, the benefits they come with, and how to use them to give your baby the ultimate dose of nourishment. 

Mamaearth Products for Baby – Our Bestsellers

Bestsellers are said so for a reason. They are loved and recommended by several people worldwide. However, that specific range of products brings home loyalty as a consumer. Mamaearth UAE baby care range has several such beauties that are best to have handy for your munchkin. Let’s take you through them all, one by one:

  1. Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Give your sweety pie more reasons to get into the bathtub! Children love and enjoy warm and bubbly baths. As a parent, you need to give them all the love and nourishment you can in the best way possible.

So, we created Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. It contains natural cleansers like coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and orange essential oil that give your baby’s skin everything it needs. In addition, it also comes with a tear-free formula and balances their skin’s pH most gently and effectively.

Our safe and toxin-free body wash helps retain moisture within the skin and stops inflammation. So, if you are looking forward to buy Mamaearth products for baby, this is one of our best ones to start with!

  1. Nourishing Hair Oil 

Just as important to care about your baby’s delicate skin, it is also important to give your munchkin’s hair the perfect dose of nourishment it needs. In these early years, the foundation of their hair health must be set right.

Our Nourishing Hair Oil is a nice blend of almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. These natural ingredients help strengthen the hair roots, offer intense hair treatment, and nourish the hair with vital vitamins and minerals. Known to be one of the best Mamaearth products for baby, it also stands in the list of top 5 online most recommended products in Dubai and the UAE! 

  1. Dusting Powder

We know how much you love to touch your baby’s soft skin all the time. It could thus be easily affected by the seasonal and environmental changes just as easily. So, from rashes to irritated skin, a talc-free solution is what you should focus on.

Our natural, toxin-free, and anti-microbial Dusting Powder helps you create a long-term defense against painful diaper rashes. It is made of oatmeal and arrowroot extracts that help calm and relax the skin, retain moisture within the skin cells, and works wonders for dry and irritated skin.

It is safe for your munchkin and free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, SLS, SLES, and artificial fragrances. It is one of the best Mamaearth products for baby that you should consider worth giving a shot! 

  1. Moisturizing Daily Body Lotion

Third, on this list is Mamaearth Moisturizing Daily Body Lotion for babies. This lotion is just what you need to give your child’s skin deep and long-lasting skin nourishment.

It is crafted beautifully with shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula, and aloe vera extracts that deeply nourish your baby’s soft and supple skin. Thus, they help relieve dryness and provide intense relief from irritation by retaining enough moisture. Mamaearth products for baby has this one as a must-have for everyone! 

  1. Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

From wavy to curly, no matter your baby’s hair type, cleansing your hair with a gentle shampoo is necessary. Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo is crafted with natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Calendula, and Aloe Vera extract.

These ingredients help gently cleanse and heal a dry scalp. This baby shampoo is formulated with a tear-free formula that gives a nice balance of nature’s love and nourishment to their locks. In addition, it is also dermatologically tested and is free from toxins. 

Take some good care of yourself too: Opt for this Skin Illuminate Face Serum

Being a parent often takes away most of the attention from yourself. It gets all crazy and tiring, and before you know it, you have forgotten to take care of yourself. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum can be your first step towards self-care!

Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum has the natural goodness of potent ingredients like Vitamin C and Turmeric. It helps nourish the skin with vital antioxidants, minerals, and other essential nutrients that you didn’t know your skin needed.

This product could effectively help you get rid of dark spots, free radical damage, and uneven skin tone. It would also brighten the skin easily, absorbs quickly, and gives long-lasting results with every application! 

Summing Up!

Becoming a parent comes with more than one feeling that can be inexplicably beautiful. But it also comes with a responsibility that cannot be overlooked. We know how difficult this ride can be for you, and hence, we are here to help you give your child the best of love, nourishment, and care from nature. You may note that our wide range of baby care products comes with genuine promises and unconditional care- and it all begins with a  decision to try the new normal.

Happy parenting to you!

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Which is the Best Baby Soap for Dry Skin?

Parenthood is the bliss that you always feel you are not ready to welcome but gives you happy tears when you finally embrace it. Seeing your butterball growing up is a new and exciting feeling, and it is something that will bring you to a new world of joy. But, as much as hugging your baby is comforting, picking up the skincare products for them is one confusing task. But not anymore! With Mamaearth by your side, you may leave all your worries behind and focus on your little sunshine. Now, let’s jump straight to the point, are you facing any issues figuring out the baby soap for dry skin? Or are you perplexed about the ingredients that such a safe and gentle baby care product should have? This article will take you through both.

So, to assist you in your search journey, we have picked up two products that will widen your little munchkin’s smile. Dive in! 

  1. Moisturizing Bathing Bar

Designed to keep babies’ skin clean and moisturized, this moisturizing bathing bar has all the nutrients that you would look for in the best baby soap for dry skin. We, at Mamaearth UAE, take pride in accompanying you in this beautiful journey of parenthood. So, when it comes to making a pure and gentle bathing bar for your little sunshine, we include some of the most nourishing ingredients to get the job done. 

So many pediatricians suggest our baby bathing soap for its safe and soft cleansing action. It is also hypoallergenic and toxin-free and can thus be used regularly for the baby’s soft and tender skin. This gives your newborn baby a blissful bathing experience. So, let’s check out the ingredients that make it the best baby soap for dry skin

  • Major Ingredients 
  1. Goat Milk: Goat milk is loaded with crucial skin minerals like Selenium that offer much-needed nourishment and moisturization to your kids’ skin.
  1. Shea Butter: Being equipped with Vitamin A, E, and F, shea butter works exceedingly well on kids’ delicate skin and proved extremely useful in treating skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. 
  1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal has excellent exfoliating properties. It deeply cleanses skin and provides adequate moisturization and nourishment. This helps your skin feel refreshed and glowing.
  1. Coconut-Based Cleanser: Coconut in this range helps clear out all the bacterial germs and dirt from kids’ skin, in addition to keeping their skin fresh and moisturized.
  1. Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap for Kids

Why is making your kid bath always appears a hectic task? Maybe it is because your kid is not very fond of the smell of the fancy bathing soaps that you bought from the market. So, not taking chances is an ideal way to ensure what’s best for your little munchkin. Then, what do you choose? 

As one of the best baby soaps for dry skin, Mamaearth UAE Nourishing Bathing Soap for Kids also makes the bathing session of kids full of fun and frolic. It is filled with natural ingredients that offer deep moisturization to your child’s tender skin. While its fruity fragrance energizes the kids’ mood, its hydrating properties make them giggle all day. In addition, its tear-free formula ensures that the bathing bar does not hurt their eyes either.

So, if you are searching for the top 5 online bathing products for kids in Dubai or the UAE, this bathing bar is an ideal pick. Here are the ingredients that this bathing bar comprises:

  • Major Ingredients 
  1. Basil Oil: Basil Oil in the soap makes it a soothing cleanser for kids’ tender skin. Filled with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it will heal the irritated skin in a much shorter time frame. 
  1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil takes care of the moisture content of your toddler’s skin and makes it supple and soft.
  1. Fruit Extract: Integrating essential vitamins and minerals, the fruity extracts in the soap make it an impeccable recipe for healthy and happy skin. 
  1. Glycerin: Glycerin is the mega source of hydration that retains moisture and heals dehydrated skin. 

Two allied products for your little sunshine

  1.  Milky Soft Diaper Rash Cream for Babies 

The onset of diapers was to promote the hygiene of newborns and save them from irritations. But some diapers are harsh and create rashes and redness on their delicate skin. To save babies’ skin from unnecessary hurting, we bring your diaper rash cream, which contains the goodness of Calendula, Oat Milk, Zinc Oxide, Soybean Oil, and so on. 

While Oat Milk and Soybean Oil make this cream moisturizing, Zinc Oxide and Calendula offer healing qualities. These attributes together comfort the baby’s irritated skin and reduce the redness. This diaper cream is thus an effective solution for nasty diaper rashes that keep your baby worried and in a gloomy mood. 

  1. Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies 

Sorting your infant’s moisturizing lotion is as baffling as picking up their washing fundamentals. Kids’ skin tends to dry out frequently, making them uncomfortable and uneasy all day. So why not give them proper nourishment that lasts through the day? We believe every child is special, and so is their skin. So, we have offered a nourishing range of moisturizing lotions to nurture the softness of babies’ skin.

Encompassing some highly praised moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Calendula Extract, this lotion is prepared to moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your baby’s skin. This gentle formula suits every kid’s skin and makes them feel all plumped up through the day.

Make your baby care experience one-of-a-kind with Mamaearth! 

As soon as our parenthood starts, we don’t hesitate to buy expensive products, even without knowing their cons. However, it is better to go with gentle and effective baby care products that suit your requirement and budget first. So, add our baby soap for dry skin to your go-to list and give your baby a gentle experience of using bathing soaps. 

At Mamaearth, we ensure every baby gets adequate nourishment. Whether you are a first-time parent or have kids before, it is always a first-time caring for a baby because it teaches you many things along the way. Mamaearth UAE is happily and proudly devoted to cutting off the additional concerns that you have for your kid’s skin and hair wellness so that you have the best experience ever!

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Which Is the Best Baby Soap?

Which Is the Best Baby Soap?

A baby walks into the world clutching a moonbeam in his left hand and a ray of sunshine in his right. No wonders, parents are always thrilled when this little bundle of joy arrives at their doorstep. But this is also a very crucial juncture where even one misstep could cost a huge deal. The most obvious mistake is bathing the baby with an “adult’s” soap. The trouble is that such a soap may contain caustics and alkaline substances that could hurt the baby’s tender skin. This is just where opting for the best baby soap is so important. 

It is not even remotely funny to commit this mistake. This is why a cardinal rule of baby care is to opt for a safe, gentle, nourishing soap made of natural and toxin-free ingredients. If you are also looking for the best baby soap, we are offering some of the best online options in Dubai and the UAE. Stay with us as we take you along!

The importance of opting for a safe and gentle baby care product

Your little munchkin’s skin is soft and tender, and any disbalance in seasonal or environmental conditions could make it lose its much-needed moisturization. Besides, opting for something rich in caustics and alkaline ingredients (like an adult’s soap) could sap the natural oils from the baby’s tender skin. It could even cause allergies or rashes just as easily.

Persisting with any ill-advised skincare product could cause long-term damage to your baby’s skin. It is thus better to opt for a safe and comprehensive approach, one that includes choosing only the best grade of baby care products for him. This includes opting for natural soaps, dusting powders, oils, lotions, and creams that are all free from alkaline substances, parabens, and SLS.

Two of the best baby soaps you could buy online in the UAE

You should opt for the best baby soap that comprises safe and gentle ingredients like goat milk, shea butter, oatmeal, and coconut. These ingredients help cleanse and exfoliate the baby’s tender skin in a hassle-free manner, thus helping it retain its precious moisture. A regular application of this baby soap also ensures that his delicate pH of 5.6 stays maintained during and after the bath. 

This soap is called Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap for Babies Gentle Bath and Skin Care. We make it with a lot of care and love, so your little bundle of joy gets the best experience in his bathtub. Besides, our ultra-pure baby care product is hypoallergenic, and it would keep you away from worrying about anything drying his soft skin. 

At Mamaearth UAE, we are constantly thinking of new ways to help you show more love to your baby. Hence, we paired the above soap with a more fruit-based product. 

Known as Nourishing Bathing Bar for Kids, it contains a blast of fruity fragrance and sensation for your little munchkin. This ace skincare product is only available in a pack of five different soaps, aptly called Mango Bite, Strawberry Souffle, Apple Sorbet, Orange Bar, and Blueberry Blush. You may expect it to offer an appropriate mix of colors to intrigue your baby, and we are sure he will like it too. These soaps are also enriched with coconut oil, glycerin, and fruit extracts to offer a nourishing and safe experience.

These best baby soaps are available for sale across online and offline channels in Dubai and the UAE. Next to these two popular baby care products, you may also opt for a wide range of allied baby care products from us too.

Two allied baby care products you can opt for

We have mentioned why you should opt for a comprehensive baby care experience to save your quality time. More importantly, it would help your baby breathe a sigh of relief too. We also recommend opting for our baby wipes and foaming face wash for the best results.

  1. Mamaearth Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes

Next to the best baby soap, you should be careful about using a baby wipe because it would be used to clean the baby’s skin. It would be important for you to consider something that is safe, gentle, free of abrasives, and is enriched with Vitamin E, castor oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. 

Hence Mamaearth UAE Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes. These wipes are tested clinically by pedestrians and dermatologists to offer a more breathable experience. You may wrap them around your baby as you are taking him out for a walk. There is no leakage issue because the wipe comes with a protective lid that keeps it dry and disinfected.

  1. Mamaearth Foaming Facewash for Kids

Next to opting for the best baby soap, you may also try this foaming face wash to clean your baby’s face of dirt and grime several times a day. This natural face wash comes enriched with the natural goodness of coconut-based cleansers, calendula extracts, aloe vera, and lavender oil. 

These ingredients would drive out the pollutants and irritants from the baby’s face and make his skin glowing and radiant. In addition, the presence of aloe vera and calendula would offer enhanced antibacterial properties, thus boosting collagen production and reducing any inflammation on the skin. 

It is time to opt for a smarter baby care experience 

Powered by the Goodness of Nature, our products are clinically tested and dermatologically approved by skin care experts. We are also Asia’s first brand to be awarded the much-coveted Made Safe certification from the US. Secondly, all our products are cruelty-free because they are not tested on animals under any circumstances, and thus we offer products that are approved by PETA too. 

At Mamaearth, we help you make the smartest and safest choices for your baby. We offer a wide range of safe and gentle baby care products like baby oils, lotions, dusting powders, oral care, mosquito repellant, baby wash, and combo products (or kits) so you can save your quality time and spend it with those who matter the most to you. 

Which is the Best Soap for a Newborn Baby?

Which is the Best Soap for a Newborn Baby?

Why should you be so particular about choosing the right bathing soap for your baby? While some people have already parted ways from aggressive soaps, some are looking for a safe, gentle, and natural formulation for the best results. Putting an end to your search, we have listed some very good options for the best soap for newborn baby, which have been designed to draw out the dirt from the baby’s skin without drying it out. It is just as effective in cleansing their gentle skin and can help them get rid of germs and infection

There is no doubt that kids step into this world with soft and refined skin texture. So, we shoulder the responsibilities of keeping it nourished and well moisturized as they naturally are. The bathing bar that you avail of from Mamaearth UAE will go well on babies’ skin and make them healthy and glow. 

To understand their composition better, delve into the details provided below: 

  1. Moisturizing bathing bar

No, it is not about bathing your baby with your ordinary bathing bar. 

To all the parents who have been eagerly searching for the cleansing formula with safe and gentle ingredients, this bathing soap from Mamaearth is what you need to buy right away. Enriched with several skin-adoring ingredients such as Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Oatmeal, and Coconut Based Cleanser, this can be the ideal bathing partner for your little one. 

As the best soap for newborn baby, it surpasses every other product with its efficient and brilliant amalgamation. In addition, this bathing bar is Hypoallergenic and toxin-free too- it is free from abrasives and harmful chemicals. Therefore, let your toddler imbibe the goodness of the best soap for newborn baby

Major Highlights of the product: 

First, let’s take a glance at its amazing composition: 

  • Goat Milk: Goat milk is enriched with selenium. It reverses sun damage and nourishes the skin deeply. This ingredient will also keep dryness and inflammation away for hours after the bath.
  • Shea Butter: A natural moisturizing agent, shea butter keeps your baby’s skin nourished and soft. This ingredient is rich in Vitamin A, E, and F. Vitamin A treats skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Vitamin E and F help maintain the babies’ velvety skin texture.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a great exfoliator for sensitive skin. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ensure that the baby’s moisture and glow stay intact. 
  • Coconut-Based Cleanser: Coconut, being the epitome of nature’s goodness, seamlessly eliminates dirt and bacterial germs from kids’ skin, in addition to retaining the moisture and natural suppleness of the skin.
  1. Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap 

Parenting seems exciting but it may soon turn into an uphill battle. Apart from understanding the baby’s needs, it also requires you to be attentive, thoughtful, and careful. You should also be cautious while putting anything on their body, especially when they are bathing. 

Mamaearth UAE Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap has a mix of fruity fragrances that will enliven your kids’ mood, while its creamy formula will soften their irritated skin. Here are the ingredients that make this bathing bar one-of-a-kind:

Major highlights of this baby soap: 

Here are the three major ingredients of this baby soap. They are included to help you offer the most caring, gentle, and nourishing experience to your baby.

  • Coconut Oil: Being the most celebrated oil of all time, it takes care of your baby’s skin’s moisture and provides intense hydration. 
  • Fruit Extract: With the profusion of vitamins and minerals, the fruity extracts refresh your kids’ mood and make them giggle throughout the day.
  • Glycerin: A rich source of hydration, Glycerin is an apt ingredient for kids’ sensitive skin. It moisturizes, soothes, and nourishes the skin cells. 

What makes these baby care products a go-to option?

The baby care industry is colossal and is flourishing with the categories like Organic, Medicated, and Ayurvedic. However, pediatricians advocate for nature-grown ingredients that nurture kids’ tender skin. We, at Mamaearth UAE, integrate the power of nature in our baby care range and ditch the toxins like SLS, SLES, Silicones, Parabens, Synthetic color, and perfume. 

Thus, choosing Mamaearth’s bathing soap is a wholesome way of expressing love to your cutest one. These products top the list of top 5 online bathing soaps for kids and thus, shed off all the concerns you were having with their formula. 

Serving you at every step while choosing products for kids, we have assorted pure and safe ingredients and peppered them with love and care. Thus, if you are restraining yourself from using soaps, thinking they may strip away the natural oils from the skin, then may these soaps be the god-send formula for you. 

Let’s see what makes our product the best soap for newborn baby different from others:

  • The products offer the Goodness of Nature. They go gentle on the kids’ skin with a safe and tear-free formula.
  • They include highly moisturizing components in their compositions, such as oatmeal, basil oil, goat milk, shea butter, fruit extracts, and so on.
  • The products have a pH of 5.5, keeping the gentleness locked in the skin.
  • Their soft, creamy, and moisturizing effect will widen your baby’s smile.
  • They offer pure and gentle baby care products. They do not include harsh chemicals or toxins like parabens or sulfates.

Summing up!

There is nothing like over-pampering when it comes to the skin wellness of your little munchkin. So, the efforts you are putting in and the knowledge you gather regarding your kid’s well-being would prepare a firm foundation for them to grow and thrive in the years to come.

The one thing that you should never overlook while browsing the range of the best soap for newborn baby is the product’s gentleness and safety. These two championed products will boost your toddler’s skin by balancing their sensitive pH and reviving their skin’s natural oils. Thus, we suggest you bring these beauties home and embrace the benefits that it has in store for you. 

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Is Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash Mom-Approved?

Is Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash Mom-Approved?

As you step into the journey of parenthood, you will find yourself being extra caring, extra emotional, and extra happy. And with all these extras, you also become quite conscious about the products you use for your little one. 

Over the past few years, Mamaearth has turned out to be the first choice for many moms in India. Now, the brand has also reached the UAE market by launching a series of products online. Today, our focus is on Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Since Mamaearth UAE is still relatively new in the market, your parental consciousness may ask you many questions about its effectiveness. Is the body wash good for your baby? What about its safety? Can you call it mom-approved? 

In this article, we are going to answer all such queries. For this, we have listed down some of the most crucial parameters that determine if Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is a good choice or not. Read on to know: 

Factor 1: Gentle and Nourishing?

When you pick any body wash for your baby, this is one of the first questions that pops into your mind. Since your little one’s skin is extremely sensitive, it needs products that are mild and gentle. Moreover, babies’ skin is prone to dryness and that’s why nourishing ingredients are also important in a body wash. 

Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash wins this category as it contains ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera, orange essential oil, and jojoba oil. All these are completely natural and gentle on the skin. From nourishing your munchkin’s skin to protecting it from dryness, this body wash does it all. 

Factor 2: Tear Free?

Bath time with your baby becomes cumbersome if the body wash irritates their eyes. To deal with this, many baby care brands have adopted tear-free formulas. It ensures your angel has a happy bath every time. 

Coming to Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, the product again gets a big YES! It has a unique tear-free formula. Taking a step further, it also has a pH of 5.6 that is best suited for baby skin This means you can also use it if you have a newborn baby. The body wash also has a mild fragrance since strong ones can disturb babies. 

Factor 3: Harmful Chemicals?

SLS, Sulfates, Parabens – if you have heard of these chemical names then you might also know how harmful these can be. If not, then keep in mind that these chemicals are known to be quite harmful and should not be in any product you use for your loved one. Their harsh nature can dry out the baby’s skin. In fact, paraben is also linked to cancer and hormonal disbalance. 

Mamaearth promises 100% toxin and chemical-free formula. It will not cause any rashes or irritate your little one’s sensitive skin in any way. So, if you have been looking for a natural and safe body wash, Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash can be your perfect pick. 

Factor 4: Safety Certificates?

Just saying that a product is safe is not enough. There has to be authentic proof to confirm this. That’s where certifications and tests come into the picture. If you have been using any baby care product or are planning to buy one, make sure it has all the necessary safety certificates. 

Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is both dermatologically tested and MadeSafe certified. Moreover, the body wash is also hypoallergenic. It means that the ingredients present in it will not cause any allergic reaction. In short, you have absolutely nothing to worry about when you are using this body wash. 

Final Verdict

By now, we can proudly say that Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is definitely mom-approved. So wait no more and buy it now. Just go to our baby care section and you’ll find it there. You can also buy other baby care products such as shampoos, facewashes, bathing bars, lotions, and so on. There are also baby care combos and kits to give you a full package of baby care. Happy shopping! 

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Why Is Mamaearth Baby Soap Safest For Your Little One?

Why Is Mamaearth Baby Soap Safest For Your Little One?

Soap bubbles, lukewarm water, and all smiles – a bath to remember for your little munchkin! Your baby is a delicate part of you. It’s like planting a sapling and caring for it by giving it the best manure, timely food and attention, and lots of love. Parenting is a beautiful and adventurous journey that becomes more enjoyable when you see your little one safe, happy and healthy, isn’t it?

This is when making the right choice for your baby comes into the picture. Ever wondered why, despite using all recommendations on your kid, their skin somehow looks dry, under-nourished, and dull? It’s because using just any soap won’t really help. You need to be picky the same way you are for your favorites. 

Mamaearth Baby Soap are here to your rescue! Now, they come with a whole lot of different perks than you can actually imagine, bringing home just pure, unconditional love with every splash! Do you wish to know why it is the safest for your sweetest? Let’s take a look:

  1. Yay! It’s Totally Toxin-free 

Love from mother nature never comes with compromises. That’s exactly what Mamaearth Baby Soaps deliver. It is made without any harsh chemicals like SLS, SLES, Parabens, Sulfates, and Silicones. It is completely free from artificial colors and fragrances. So, the next time you buy soap for your baby – be it online or from a nearby store, make sure you know what to put your hands on! 

  1. Bringing You The Nature’s Magic!

They say, “When you come home to nature, you come home to you”. It’s rare to find love that is so pure, without having anything to give up on. Nature unfolds its magic of goodness at every step with Mamaearth Baby Soaps. Crafted with the best of natural ingredients like Goat Milk, Shea Butter, OatMeal, and Coconut Based Cleansers. They help in keeping your baby’s skin soft, smooth, and naturally healthy. Give your worries a break because you don’t have to think of these problems anymore!

  1. Gentle Cleanser, Great Moisturizer!

Ever had the privilege of having one solution to many problems? Well, it has become easier to provide the utmost care to your little one now.  With Mamaearth Baby Soap, it comes as a two-in-one solution to your sweetpea’s skin nourishment. It gently cleanses your baby’s skin, without making it dry. It also works towards retaining moisture within the skin by retaining the natural oils within the body. So, now you don’t have to tackle skin dryness worries and you can have a blast each time you give a bath to your little one! Many soaps are harsh on babies’ gentle skin and they may dry out the skin leading to flakiness and irritation. Mamaearth Baby soaps are very nourishing and they seal in the moisture leading to soft and hydrated skin. Coconut based cleansers ensure no loss of moisture.

  1. Works Great On Balancing Skin’s pH

You may have noticed that your skin reacts differently to its stimuli – be it the season, or anything that you may think of as a factor, but it does matter. The same goes for your baby’s skin. Your little munchkin’s skin is very delicate and needs attention. With Mamaearth Baby Soap, worry no more! It balances the pH of your baby’s skin, by nourishing it intensely with the goodness of natural ingredients present in it. 

Enjoy those playful splashes with your sweetheart, every time they bathe because you are only giving them more reasons to smile! We know that making choices for your baby is a very tough job and we know you are doing your best. For the rest, Mamaearth baby care range is always there to protect and nourish your little one and ensure that your child receives the best of nature and care that they deserve. Mamaearth gives you and your baby goodness, directly from the lap of nature. You can explore the website and check out the entire range of baby care products. You’ll be relieved to know that all our range is dermatologically tested and is carefully formulated to suit your baby’s sensitive skin. 

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Why Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Soap Bar is Ideal for Your Little One

Every parent wants to give their child only the best care. And this is not just about the food or clothes. Baby care products like soaps also have to be of great quality. We at Mamaearth understand this, and that is why we give you a whole range of natural baby care products. Our Mamaearth Baby Soap is one such product you would love to add to your cart. 

Let’s take a look at some reasons why this soap can be your baby’s perfect bathing partner: 

Goodness of Nature

The days of soaps made with synthetic chemicals are gone. Now, you can get the goodness of nature in baby care products. Our Mamaearth baby soap is enriched with potent ingredients like goat milk, oatmeal, shea butter, and coconut-based cleansers. 

Together, these ingredients prevent skin dryness, remove dead skin cells, and nourish the skin. In short, every bath with this soap is going to make your baby’s skin super smooth, soft, and beautiful. 

Gentle and Mind Cleansing

Your baby’s skin changes a lot in the first few months. At times, it can become dry and flakey. Along with the texture, the skin’s color also changes a lot. You may also notice issues like cradle cap and wonder where did you go wrong in your care? Well, worry not. These problems are natural. All you need to do is keep your baby clean with a gentle bath. 

Mamaearth baby soap is loaded with natural ingredients, and this means it is going to be super-safe for your baby’s soft skin. The soap will gently cleanse all the impurities and leave moisturized skin. What more? The soap has a tear-free formula so that you and the baby have a stress-free bath time!

Maintains Ideal pH

Not many parents give a lot of thought when it comes to maintaining the pH level of the baby’s skin. Unfortunately, that’s how skin troubles often seep in. Remember, your baby’s skin is still developing and is extremely soft. It often becomes acidic on the pH scale to adjust to the new environment. And since the skin is thin and lacks adequate barrier protection, it will become dry if you use skincare products with high pH levels. 

Mamaearth baby soap has a pH of 5.5 – just the ideal pH you need for your baby’s skin. Along with its natural ingredients, the soap treats your munchkin’s skin gently and maintains its pH level. 

Suitable For All Skin Types

Dry, itchy, or oily; no matter what your baby’s skin type is, Mamaearth baby soap is perfect for all. Just use it regularly, and your baby’s skin will remain soft and smooth. 

That is not all. Its potent ingredients like goat milk contain selenium, and lactic acid can soothe dry and sensitive skin. Shea butter also comes to the rescue. Rich in Vitamin A, E, and F help improve skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. 

Free of Toxins

As a smart and caring parent, you should never buy a bar of soap with toxins and nasty ingredients. Our moisturizing baby soap bar is a winner here, too. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and toxins such as SLS, SLES, parabens, artificial fragrances, etc. 

Moreover, the soap is also hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. So, if you are worried about any specific allergic reaction or irritation, this soap will put them all to rest. 

So, what’s the dealy head to the website and buy Mamaearth baby soap set of 2 online. Explore our website right away. You can also buy other baby care products. You will find a huge range of natural baby care products online, from soaps and face creams to diapers and mosquito repellents.