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5 Proven Steps to Shortlist the Best Diaper for Your Baby!

Best Diaper for Your Baby

This adage is just what you would like to describe your little buttercup with, and we are he or she would like it too. He probably arrived at your doorstep clutching a moonbeam in his left hand and some sunshine in his right, and his tender skin is a beautiful mix of the two. This is what makes opting for safer baby care products so important. This fact also makes shortlisting the best diaper for your baby too crucial a task to be left out.

5 Proven Steps to Shortlist the Best Diaper for Your BabyThese tips would stay with you even as he grows into a child of about two years, and while he may not be using the diapers then, he may still be privileged by your care and affection. It’s all up next and we are taking you through the details ahead!

What is a baby diaper?

A diaper (also called a nappy) is specific underwear for newborns. It is meant for them because they are not potty- or toilet-trained and can urinate or defecate anytime. A baby diaper thus helps the baby answer his nature calls by absorbing and containing waste products. 

This task is completed in real-time and prevents the soiling of their clothes or clothing or the external environment. These nappies are at their best when used during the nighttime. The key is to opt for a set of baby diapers made of safe, gentle, and preferably biodegradable material that lasts eight hours at night.

How to select the best diaper for your baby? 

It makes perfect sense to get confused with the sheer number of baby care products in the market. But the recent developments in the skincare industry have enabled new or first-time parents to enjoy the advantage of using the internet. It means they can buy the best quality baby care products with just a bit of homework.

We are listing a few proven steps that you can observe to buy the best diaper for your baby. These steps are all checked and warranted by our child care experts to help you have the best experience. Please find these steps below:

We would thus advise you to buy baby diapers that have the following features: 

  • Soft and gentle texture

What good is a baby diaper if it is rough, hurting, and unsafe for your baby? The current trend is opting for diapers made of biodegradable and plant-based materials like corn starch and aloe vera. They are safe and gentle enough to keep the baby’s tender skin free from inflammation, rashes, soreness, and infections. 

  • Higher absorption rate

The central aspect of any diaper or nappy pad is to hold moisture for a few hours at the very least. It should also have the capacity to absorb enough moisture in real-time so the baby’s skin does not get too moist. If you are a first-time parent, you would perhaps appreciate that it keeps the baby at ease when you are sleeping.

  • Free from toxins and harmful chemicals

As you shop for the best diapers for your baby, you should check if it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. A diaper stays in close physical contact with the baby’s skin. It might cause infections on his soft and tender skin if it is made of poor-quality materials.

  • Wetness indicators 

Bells and whistles, you might say, but it is more of common sense. These wetness indicators help you know if the diaper is of any further use or not and if it has been soiled badly enough to be discarded right away. This also helps maintain the baby’s proper hygiene. 

  • Economical

While baby care should not be a function of high price, it is better to opt for baby care products that suit your budget. Please note that a high price does not always equate to or guarantee high quality or vice versa. It is also advisable to consult a child care expert to know which is the best diaper for your baby.

Which baby diaper would we recommend?

At Mamaearth UAE, we give a lot of attention to crafting baby care products that make your journey of parenthood thoroughly rewarding and worthwhile. Our baby diapers check the boxes above with their high-quality craftsmanship and consistency of ingredients. This makes it safe for regular use, even for your baby’s tender skin.

We are certified by renowned agencies like Made Safe, FDA, and Dubai Municipality. In addition, our products are clinically evaluated by experts and dermatologists in stringent testing conditions. You may note that we do not test our products on animals because we understand that quality should not come at the cost of hurting poor animals. This is a good reason our products rank among the top 5 online products in the continent and are also certified by PETA.

We welcome you to explore our amazing range of Based Baby Diapers. They are available in different sizes and numbers. These plant-based diapers absorb as much as regular diapers and offer 12 hours of leakage protection.

They are available in the following sizes:

  1. Size NB (3 to 5 kg)
  2. Size S (4 to 6 kg)
  3. Size M (7 to 12 kg)
  4. Size L (9 to 14 kg)
  5. Size XL (12 to 15 kg)

Each pack is available in 30, 40, and 72 diapers apiece. You may also opt for our Dusting Powder for Babies for the best results. This powder features oatmeal, arrowroot powder, and corn starch that soak up excess oil and moisture. It is safe for the baby’s tender skin. 

Another baby care product that you may opt for is a combo one- Moisturizing Daily Lotion For Babies 400 ml and Gentle Cleansing Shampoo For Babies 400 ml. As the name suggests, this duo pack of baby care products is best for a baby’s bathing (shampoo) and post-bathing (body lotion) routines. Made of safe and gentle ingredients, these products can be used every day to provide the best baby care experience at home. 

Parenting is also about doing your homework

Parenthood is a holistic and time-intensive, but thoroughly rewarding, experience. It requires you to make smarter decisions every day, especially while shopping for the best diaper for your baby. We thus recommend you make careful shopping decisions and always check for the products’ certifications. Some of the best certifications that you could thus look out for are Made Safe, FDA, Dubai Municipality, and PETA- and they are only offered for the best-in-class products.

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