4 Reasons Why Should You Use Onion Oil for Faster Hair Growth

4 Reasons Why Should You Use Onion Oil for Faster Hair Growth

Of all the hair problems that could shake up your confidence, hair fall seems to be the most trying. If you shed more strands than usual, it is an alarm that your hair is in the process of developing a see-through hairline. Don’t you wish to flaunt your voluminous hair and reveal your classiest self? If so, try some onion oil for hair growth (and hair fall control). But why and how can you use it to reap the maximum benefits? Let’s find out below! 

Onion doesn’t only belong to the kitchen- for its role goes beyond adding delectable taste and color to the food. It works like magic on hair fall and can fix hair thinning, hair breakage, and split ends. In short, using onion oil for hair growth is an idea you should stick to if you wish to have good hair days on a daily basis. So, don’t let its miracles be blurred by the tear you shed while peeling and chopping it! 

Reasons You Should Rely on Onion Oil for Hair Growth: 

  • Promote Hair Regrowth

Onion is loaded with nutrients that activate the enzymes on the scalp, which speeds up hair growth. Thus, it promotes hair regrowth and acts as a catalyst for fostering a speedy growth process. Frequent application of onion oil can help you have longer, thicker, and shinier hairs. 

  • Controls Excessive Hair Fall 

The most obvious reason for using onion oil is to control excessive hair fall. Onion oil has essential nutrients like Sulfur, Vitamin A, C, E, and B-complex. Thus, it minimizes the intensity of hair fall and creates a favorable environment for newer hair to grow. Moreover, Onion oils are loaded with mineral oils that help nourish the hair roots and make them stronger and healthier.

  • It Delivers Strength to The Scalp

When the onion is infused as an oil, it works much more prominently than any other form. It refines the flow of blood circulation on the scalp and provides deep hydration to the dry and itchy scalp. So, by correctly applying onion oil for hair growth, you can see desired results in some weeks.

  • Fights Off Hair Infections

Onion oil is a proven remedy to prevent hair infection and combat issues like dandruff and itchy scalp. The bacterial infections inhibit hair growth, affect the hair’s quality, and cause hair breakage or split ends. Thus, regular application of onion oil boosts the hair quality and safeguards the hair from bacterial infections. 

Mamaearth Onion Oil- A Therapeutic Way to Achieve Hair Care Goals! 

Onions contain other nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, Vitamin 6, and Sulfur. This makes the oil preferred for fostering the hair growth cycle. So, it adds equal value to the beauty industry as it has been adding to the food for time immemorial. 

The hair care industry is flooded with new arrivals and long-standing products. This makes choosing the best-suited composition of onion oil for hair growth quite difficult. However, in our Onion range, the composition is credited with the growth-boosters like Redensyl, Bhringraj Oil, Almond Oil, and, more importantly, onion seed oil. At Mamaearth UAE, we have leaped ahead of the usual onion juice treatment and formulated a composition that promotes healthy hair growth. 

Here are some reasons to buy Mamaearth Onion Oil: 

  • It is devised to work well on chemically treated and colored hair. 
  • It is non-greasy and extremely lightweight, making it a perfect product for every hair type.
  • It is pure and gentle oil and doesn’t include any Silicones, Parabens, Minerals, Oils, or any artificial fragrance.
  • It holds the Goodness of plant-based ingredients in its formulation, eliminating the scope of any side effects.
  • It has Redensyl in its ingredient content, a revolutionary product known to boost the strength and density of hair. 

Using Onion Oil for A Healthier and Thicker Hair 

Intense Hair Massage with Fingertips: Take a few drops of Mamaearth Onion Oil in your palms and gently massage your hair for around 20 minutes. Let this high-end composition get fully absorbed in your hair follicles. Rinse off the oil after 3-4 hours with a sulfate-free shampoo. 

It would be best to use Mamaearth Onion Shampoo to wash your hair. Your hair needs onion oil massage to grow healthily at least twice a week. Mamaearth Onion Oil stands top among the top 5 online hair oils in the UAE, making it one of the most preferred products in recent times. 


How to Shortlist the Best Diaper for Your Baby?

How to Shortlist the Best Diaper for Your Baby?

Welcoming a new life into this life is nothing but an absolute blessing and paving a happy life for them is something parents are for. From deciding on the colors to paint their nursery to buying them neat clothes, your decisions set the foundation for their life. Thus, to back up your parenthood, we bring you a detailed guide on how to buy the best diaper for a baby

As a parent, you will put your maximum into keeping your precious happy and healthy. At Mamaearth UAE, we are dedicated to bringing you everything you need to have as a parent. From mosquito repellent to face cream, you will have many baby products to browse. So, wait no more, explore the goodness, find the best diaper for the baby, and chase away the hurdles. Let’s explore the details in the following sections!

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Diaper for Your Baby

  • Absorption Rate 

One prominent factor that makes any diaper worthy of use is its absorption rate. Parenting is one critical job that comes with a series of concrete choices and an intention to do everything smoothly for that little life you have created. So, if you buy diapers without any research or asking for feedback from other parents, you may invite a lot of hassles for yourself. 

Try to track how your baby reacts to diapers’ fabrics or check whether they are comfortable in them or not. If your baby develops the habit of pulling or scratching the diaper, it is clear they aren’t fond of the fabric material, and you need to buy another comfy one. Babies are prone to allergies or bad stomach phases, so you need to invest in good durable diapers. 

Some parents use clothes to prepare diapers to avoid the rashes and itchiness that usually come with diapers. But they can hurt your toddler’s tender skin sometimes. To put it simply, remind yourself to shop from a brand that offers durable, biodegradable, and comfy diapers.

  • Scented Or Unscented Diapers

Next on the list is to analyze the fragrance. Honestly, some parents ditch using fragranced diapers, thinking they can be harmful to babies’ soft skin even though fragrance-based diapers act the same way as non-fragranced ones. 

What you need to be sure of is its durability and absorption rate. Scented diapers sometimes fit the need to provide a nice feel to babies, but if your baby is allergic to scented diapers, try avoiding them. Eventually, you need to figure out how their baby responds to fragrance-laden diapers. 

The best diaper for babies is not the one that is free from fragrance but the one that gives babies a comfy feel and sits well on their delicate skin. Once you have worked on the basics, it will be a smoother road to getting the best diaper for a baby.

  • Non-branded diapers are a strict no-no

We recommend not! Why? Diapers offered by reputed brands come with clinical testing and approvals by dermatologists and governing agencies. On the other hand, if the diapers are made with any random or local brands, you have to test the quality of the product, which may take some time.

Diapers made without a dermatologist’s approval can cause rashes, irritation, and discomfort for your baby. While cheap diapers may fulfill the job of holding the pee and poo, the leakage problems and absorption rate aren’t guaranteed. So, let’s be practical and buy what works for your toddler.

  • Absence of harmful chemicals and toxins

Another potential problem that may irritate the babies’ natural pH is the chemicals present in the diapers. Some harmful chemicals used in these diapers could cause redness, rashes, inflammation, or even serious skin diseases. Their prolonged exposure could be worse. 

So, be aware of the chemicals like drying agents, artificial fragrance, dyes, latex, lotion, or chlorine bleaching, as they will do more harm than good. So, read expert reviews, sort the top 5 online baby diapers, and ask for reviews from other parents before buying.

Buy Mamaearth Plant-Based Diapers 

Give a relaxing nap time to your precious butterball with this elite range of plant-based diapers. Your search for the best diaper for a baby ends here as it is one of the most raved baby products lately. Made up with Cornstarch and Aloe Vera, these diapers are nothing but sure that your baby is getting nourishment even in the diapers. 

It is devised to fix the issues like allergies, rashes, redness, and infections away from babies’ delicate skin texture. While Cornstarch makes these diapers breathable even after absorbing many fluids, Aloe Vera hydrates the babies’ skin and prevents the diaper rash. One of the best things is that these diapers are biodegradable and plant-based. 

With 12 hours of leakage protection and super-absorbent formula, it keeps your baby happy and cheerful for the entire day. Besides, it is free from harmful chemicals like fragrance, lotions, chemical dyes, chlorine bleaching, etc., making it the best baby diaper on the market.

Tip: We also recommend opting for safe and gentle baby care products like hair oils, shampoos, and soaps. You may also use a Gift Pack for the best results. 

Summing up

Your baby is not a piece of your heart but your whole heart. Therefore, they need protection, care, love, and nourishment in everything they tend to wear in terms of creams, diapers, and mosquito repellent. At Mamaearth UAE, we promote happily and hassle-free parenting and strive to abide by the nature-inclining initiatives while curating products. 

As much as the pride we take in being the first MadeSafe-approved brand in Asia, we showed the same amount of care and love through our baby care range. From offering the best diaper for baby to an elite range of Baby Face Cream, we have done our utmost to give your baby the comfort you were searching for. On top of it, plant-based and eco-friendly diapers will grant holistic protection for your buttercup, keeping all the allergies and infections at bay.

Let your purchasing behavior offer warmth to nature and add color to your sunshine’s smiles! Happy Parenting!

How To Shortlist the Best Shampoo for Hair Fall Control?

How To Shortlist the Best Shampoo for Hair Fall Control?

Hair is the crown you would wear every day. It surely makes enough sense to care for it every day, and the process usually runs through a careful selection of hair care products. This means that you can easily opt for the best mix of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and hair oil to get the full range of benefits. This blog will take you through some of the best shampoos for hair fall control and reduction in premature graying.

The UAE is characterized by a hot and dry climate. The temperatures here soar to near 50 degrees centigrade, thus making a resident’s scalp prone to weaker hair roots and weakened hair follicles. Consequently, people here experience frequent and excessive hair fall. If that were not all, a mix of sedentary lifestyles and hectic schedules could always take a toll. 

This is just where opting for safe, gentle, and toxin-free hair care products is so important. One may achieve better results by choosing a mix of the best shampoo for hair fall control and a compatible set of conditioners and hair oils. The key is to opt for hair care products that come free from harmful chemicals and toxins and are made of natural and gentle ingredients. 

Which is the best shampoo for hair fall control?

This is not an easy question to answer because people always have different variables in their hair care processes. These include dependence on hair texture, hair care issues, lifestyles, nutrition preferences, and exposure to the sun’s UV rays. But this does not mean that there should be as many hair shampoos as people. A mix of some common and thoughtfully selected, safe and gentle ingredients could help you get better results with a certain hair care product too.

For example, we have a wide range of solutions available for hair care issues. Our Onion Hair Shampoo is regarded among some of the best shampoos for hair fall control in the UAE. It offers a mix of onion oil and plant keratin that helps reduce frizz and control hair fall. 

Being rich in onion oil, this shampoo is also rich in sulfur and potassium, the building blocks of our hair cells. These nutrients strengthen the roots and provide adequate nutrition to withstand the subcontinent’s harsh climatic conditions. 

Being powered by Keratin, D-Panthenol, and Vitamin E makes the deal sweeter. These three nutrients provide deep moisturization to smoothen the hair roots and make the strands resilient to changing weather conditions. These factors make it the best shampoo for hair fall control and boosting hair regrowth. 

Allied hair care products you may opt for

We also recommend pairing this shampoo with a safe and gentle hair conditioner and hair oil to complement the effectiveness of the shampoo above. Our Onion Hair Oil and Hair Conditioners contain onion extracts that help boost the results offered by the shampoo during the cleansing process. 

Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil also contains other nourishing hair oils like Almond Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Castor Oil, Turmeric, and Amla Oil. They provide deep moisturization and conditioning to the follicles, thus preventing premature graying and other issues.

The same fact also holds for Onion Hair Conditioners too. It features onion extracts, coconut, and sweet almond oil that help reduce hair loss. Applying this conditioner after washing your scalp with Mamaearth’s best shampoo for hair fall control (as mentioned above) will help you see faster and better results with your hair care plans. 

These three hair care products complement each other perfectly and help you have longer, shinier, and stronger hair growth. In addition, the trio is backed by qualified scientific research of noted dermatologists in the UAE and is sure to delight you with the best results over time!

Childcare solutions at Mamaearth UAE

We know you would never leave any stone unturned to offer your children the best grade of parental upbringing and guidance. They would like to see you as an example they could follow. We thus recommend you power up their childhood with a well-defined set of baby care products for Cleansing, Oral, and Skin care. 

Let’s talk about Oral Care today. We offer two variants of the best baby toothpaste for your baby. They are Mamaearth Berry Blast Toothpaste (also called 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids) and Sulfate-Free Awesome Orange Toothpaste for Kids with Fluoride. These two dental care products are made of safe, gentle, and natural ingredients and are thus safe for regular usage.

Mamaearth’s UAE 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids ranks among the top 5 online toothpastes for young children. It is free from fluoride and harmful toxins, and features Aloe Barbadensis, Stevia, and Xylitol. These ingredients help treat gum diseases, prevent cavities and tooth decay, and keep the mouth’s pH constant.

Next up is the Sulfate Free Awesome Orange Toothpaste for Kids with Fluoride. It cleanses the teeth and helps you stay away from germs. This safe and gentle kids toothpaste fluoride, aloe vera, and xylitol provide remove plaque, prevent the buildup of germs, and reduce cavities. It comes in an exciting orange flavor that makes brushing even more fun than it is supposed to be!

Back to your hair care plans

The list of your baby’s oral care products is sorted, it’s time to switch back to your hair care plans now. We recommend starting with the best shampoo for hair fall control and premature graying. We recommend starting with Onion Hair Shampoo for the best results. 

Alternatively, if you suffer from other hair care issues like dryness and dandruff, we suggest you opt for Mamaearth Tea Tree Shampoo with Tea Tree & Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair. It features Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and Ginger Oil in a safe and effective formulation that helps provide deep moisturization to the hair roots. 

Our products are certified by Made Safe, FDA, and Dubai Municipality. They are also certified by dermatologists and pediatricians- and are thus safe for regular home-based usage. We also recommend that you opt for an active lifestyle that includes adequate nutrition, a stress-free outlook, and relaxation or meditation exercises. These endeavors would help you achieve better results with these hair care products over time.

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Boost Your Haircare with the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair

Boost Your Haircare with the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair

How about flipping your hair in broad sunlight and wowing people around you? Amazing, you would say- but then you would stop and think again. You would be mindful of your dry and damaged hair. We suggest this should get you going with your search for the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

Before reaching out for a recommendation, it is best to dig more about conditioner and shampoo and how they can be used together. So, let’s take a head start on listing the most important hair care essentials! 

The continuous waves of varieties and options cloud our purchasing decision, so going with the best product according to your hair type requires thorough research. Buying the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair might sound like a hectic task but once done, it will surely answer your hair care needs. So how do you find it, and what type of shampoo and conditioner will go to suit your hair type? Let’s find those answers below: 

What is shampoo? 

When discussing hair wellness, cleansing comes first. It is followed by providing nutrition and nourishment to hair follicles and hair roots. Your chosen hair products (such as hair oils, hair masks, hair serums, or scalp oils) should provide nutrition, but they may not be good for cleansing.

This is where using shampoos is so important. These hair care products are generally equipped with cleansing properties and foaming formulations that gently drive out dirt and impurities from the scalp. They also wash away excess sebum and pollutants to detangle your hair and make them free from frizz.

How should you use shampoo and conditioner? 

The duo should have nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that boost hair density and hair growth without making the hair dry. When we address the need for shampoo, conditioners come into the picture by default. Shampoo and conditioner complement each other and help you have better results.

While shampoo cleanses, the conditioner provides the hair with adequate nourishment and hydration. The latter should be applied after using shampoo. Ideally, it is important to leave your conditioner on hair for about 5-7 minutes, but if you have excessive dry hair, you can go with a leave-in conditioner, so you don’t need to wash the product away. 

 The best shampoo, as per hair type

  • Dry Hair

Protein shampoo: It is an apt choice for dry hair. It also helps reduce excessive hair breakage and hair loss. A protein shampoo is commonly designed with protein-enriched ingredients and smoothens your hair. Here are our recommendations for the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.

Our recommendation

Argan is the most popular ingredient in the skin and hair care realm because it adopts a promising approach to providing ample moisture to lifeless tresses. This shampoo assimilates hydrating ingredients such as Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Apple Cider Vinegar, which offer a wide coverage of care for your hair and help it retain its natural oils and shine. 

Argan Conditioner ranks among the top 5 online conditioners because it effectively makes hair smoother and silkier. It features a mix of many naturally nourishing ingredients to help you get the desired results without using any chemically-enriched product. 

Ingredients such as Argan Oil, Almond Oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar will untangle the knots and make your hair more manageable. No wonder, the duo ranks among the best shampoos and conditioners for dry hair in Dubai.

  • Oily Scalp

Deep cleansing shampoo

People dealing with excessive oil and sebum buildup must go for clarifying shampoo. It is designed to clear out the oils from hair, so it is not ideal for everyday use. However, you can use this shampoo twice a week to experience the desired results. 

Our recommendation

  • Tea Tree Shampoo 

With our Tea Tree Shampoo, treating oily scalp isn’t tedious anymore! Packed with the natural goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and Ginger Oil, it soothes the itchiness, regulates sebum production in hair, and kills dandruff-causing bacteria. 

In addition, the powerful mix of Tea Tree Oil and Ginger Oil ensures that your hair health remains protected from any bacterial attack. 

While reaping the goodness of Tea Tree Shampoo, you should try the magic of Tea Tree Conditioner. It features natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil, and Ginger Oil that deeply nourish the hair roots, and eliminate itchiness and dandruff.

  • Damaged and Thin Hair 

Sulfate-free Shampoo 

To cure excessive hair fall and hair damage, you should buy sulfate-free shampoo. It is made with plant extracted ingredients and is free from abrasives.

Our recommendation

  • Onion Shampoo

What can be a better ingredient for hair breakage and thinning than an onion? At Mamaearth UAE, our Onion Hair Shampoo comes enriched with Onion, Wheat Amino Acids, Plant Keratin, and Soy Amino Acids to help you take a shot against these recurring issues. 

These safe and gentle ingredients prevent extensive hair fall, thinning, and split ends, boosting the hair growth cycle. Therefore, if you are searching for the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and damaged follicles, our onion range would help you have better results.

Our Happy Heads Shampoo is specially curated to treat dry and frizzy hair, unhealthy and irritated scalp, and weak hair follicles. This shampoo contains Biotin, Horse Chestnut, Bhringraj Extract, Amla Extract, etc. These natural ingredients make the hair stronger and shinier, and keep itchiness and dryness at bay. 

  • Onion Conditioner 

Onion is the most nourishing and moisturizing conditioner designed for people seeking a solution for hair fall and damaged hair. It is packed in the richness of Onion, Coconut, Coconut Triglycerides, and Sweet Almond Oil. The product works wonders on damaged tresses and reduces excessive hair fall. 

Summing up

Your hair is the crown you would wear every day. By opting for the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair (or your hair type), you can have better results. Our haircare products are safe, gentle, and made of toxin-free ingredients. We are a Made Safe-certified brand and are certified by FDA and Dubai Municipality too.

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Shortlisting the Best Face Wash for Glowing Skin

Shortlisting the Best Face Wash for Glowing Skin

Living life knowing your skin is in great shape is a dream for many. This is why people often dial-up for customized and personalized skin care regimens. However, we believe that sticking to basics may also offer some incredibly good results than just going ahead with fancier and expensive treatments. We thus advise you to set your sails along a facial cleansing process and use the best face wash for glowing skin

Elaborating on this, here is a blog explaining the importance of face cleansing:

Importance of selecting the best face wash for glowing skin

Our skin endures pollution, climate crisis, and harmful UV rays every day. This affects its texture and makes it drier and dehydrated. This is why cleansing holds such an important place in skincare. 

Apart from keeping the impurities and dirt away, cleansing regulates sebum production and the skin’s pH. We thus recommend opting for a safe and gentle face wash to eliminate such skincare issues and have a glowing and radiant appearance. 

At Mamaearth UAE, we offer a wide range of dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, safe, and gentle face washes. They feature toxin-free ingredients and milder formulations to offer a holistic care experience for your skin. Our products come powered by the Goodness of Nature and they deliver long-term results. 

As the best face wash for glowing skin, they come enriched with the following toxin-free ingredients:

  • Vitamin C: It improves elasticity and brightens the texture of the skin. Vitamin C is also effective in healing photodamage and dullness.
  • Coffee: Rich in vitamins, this ingredient helps increase the skin’s natural brightness and reduces suntan. It also acts as an exfoliator that gently detoxifies the skin cells and softens their texture.
  • Turmeric: The golden hack to bring the glow to the skin. It is loaded with antiseptic and antibacterial properties and thus helps treat minor infections in the skin cells.
  • Tea Tree: It drives out excess oil and sebum from the skin cells, and helps reduce dark spots, whiteheads, and blackheads. Tea Tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that work best when infused in a face wash.
  • Raspberries: An ingredient to delay premature aging and defy the dark spots. It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that help the skin revive its natural glow.
  • Aloe Vera: One of the most ancient remedies to calm skin irritation. Aloe Vera has been acknowledged as the most reliable ingredient to nourish and brighten the skin. 

Explore Our Face Wash Range to Achieve a Shinier Texture!

Whether you are buying Mamaearth Milky Soft Face Cream for your toddler or getting face serum for your skin, you will have a top-notch experience of using Mamaearth products. We recommend you choose from the following face washes:

  1. Tea Tree Face Wash

The Tea Tree is the major ingredient in the skincare sphere and a much-praised soothing agent in the league. We have thus brought together the natural goodness of Neem and Aloe Vera with Tea Tree oil to help you get rid of dull texture and inflammation.

This face wash also gently cleanses away the germs from the epidermis while being extremely gentle to your skin. No wonder, our Tea Tree face cleanser is also considered one of the best face washes for glowing skin in the UAE.

  1.       Ubtan Face Cleanser 

There is nothing more satisfying than pampering skin health with age-old formula. So, believing in the magic of Ubtan, we have curated an incredible range of ubtan faces by using turmeric, saffron, neem oil, and Aloe Vera. It works best on dull and tanned skin.

It contains a powerful duo of turmeric and saffron that provide instant brightness and reduce suntan. It also contains neem and Aloe Vera keeps the skin cells properly hydrated. If you are looking for the best face wash for glowing skin, it will suit you fine. 

  1.     Coco Face Wash

Have you ever tried mixing cocoa and coffee? You don’t have to, as we present a nourishing face wash specially designed to smoothen the texture and multiply the natural glow. It is designed with Coffee and Cocoa to give you a glowing, nourished, and healthier texture. As one of the top 5 online face washes in the UAE, it features the best of two natural cleansers.

  1.     Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash

While talking about the brightness and rejuvenation, no ingredient can beat the efficiency of Vitamin C. Our Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash features the stellar best of two anti-inflammatory ingredients- Turmeric and Aloe Vera. 

Besides brightening and lightening the skin texture, it also promotes cell turnover by speeding up the skin cells’ rejuvenation. Skincare experts consider it among the best face washes for glowing skin

 Why Should You Use Mamaearth UAE Face Wash?

  • Made with natural extracts and blended with the right formula.
  • All our products are dermatologically tested.
  • Free from abrasives and harmful chemicals like parabens and harmful preservatives
  • The product range is minutely designed, considering the texture, skin types, and various skin problems.
  • All the ranges come with a nourishing formula causing no side effects.
  • Face washes are designed bearing in mind the atmospheric condition of the UAE.

How to have a glowing and radiant appearance? 

 At Mamaearth UAE, we celebrate the Goodness of Nature. To curate the best face wash for glowing skin, we have thought of addressing your skincare needs. These issues mostly occur due to a lack of hydration in the body and a healthier diet. 

We also recommend that you opt for allied products like Mamaearth Milky Soft Face Cream and Vitamin C Face Toner with Vitamin C & Cucumber for Pore Tightening. They will help you have better results with your skincare plans by backing up the good results of your face wash. 

We also suggest you drink around 4-5 liters of water daily, exercise daily, and maintain a decent distance from stress. You should also have a healthy diet and live a stress-free life. It would help if you switched to satin fabrics for bed sheets and kept changing your bedsheets within 2-3 days. 

Your skincare (both as a process and as an experience) depends on how kind you are to yourself. So, ditch the junkies and embrace a healthier you today!

Concluding Words

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t crave bright and healthy texture. Instead of leaping towards expensive therapies, one should try the basics. Skipping cleansing will close the doors for other steps to join in for a healthier regimen. So, buckle up, research the product, match it with your skin type, and buy the best face wash for glowing skin today.

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Beat Parenting Blues with the Best Mamaearth Products for Kids

Beat Parenting Blues with the Best Mamaearth Products for Kids

There are few joys more valuable in life than holding your baby for the first time. They are a sensitive and fluffy mass of love and affection, bundled with a lot of happiness. There isn’t anything you can overlook, from their skin health to their overall hygiene. This is why we prefer to add more bliss to your parental journey through our six best Mamaearth products for kids to ease all your hassle. 

Why Do Babies Need Additional Care?

Just like adults, babies’ skin also requires adequate hydration and nourishment from effective and proven products. Your baby’s skin is too tender for any harsh touch, especially during the first few months. This is why he saves his energy by taking frequent naps and performing a limited range of motion. 

They are only receptive to their parent’s touch, but their skin’s increasing dryness quotient can affect even this sensation. You should thus use only certified and gently formulated baby care products to cut down any element of risk or damage. 

Infants are also susceptible to allergies, bacterial infections, and the buildup of harmful germs. So, opting for nourishing oils and toothpaste would help improve his physical and dental care elements. It would also help him develop stronger bones and muscles.  

Sorting the Baby Care Basics with Our Bestseller! 

In this blog, we have compiled an extensive list of Mamaearth Products for Kids, which will cut off the extra hassle and add more pleasure to your parenthood. You may buy high-quality products for your baby’s skin care, hair care, and oral care needs. 

Here’s what you can start your baby care routine with:

  • Moisturizing Lotion for Babies 

Moisturizing creams should always lead the list of essential products for kids. This is because kids are a soft target for dryness, irritation, and rashes. This underscores the usage of adequate moisturization through moisturizing lotion for kids. You should thus opt for our lotions that come enriched with Shea Butter, Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, and Cocoa Butter.

These lotions do not include any abrasives or toxins such as Parabens, Minerals, Oil, Phthalates, etc. Instead, it penetrates the skin to offer a deep moisturization to skin cells, nurturing the skin’s hydration level.

  • Soothing Massage Oil 

Elevate your kids’ skin health with this powerful formulation! Equipped with nourishing oils such as Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil, this massage oil reaches deeply into the skin and provides immense strength to muscles. 

It is one of the best Mamaearth Products for kids, considering its soothing effects on their tender skin. Besides forming a protecting layer in the skin to keep irritation and dryness away, it is also effective in protecting from harmful UV rays. 

  • Gentle Cleansing Shampoo 

Understandably, kids are not a fan of bathing as the foam irritates their eyes and skin. So, we have curated an amazing Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, which features nourishing ingredients like Coconut, Calendula Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, and Jojoba Oil in a tear-free formula. 

This tear-free shampoo offers optimum nourishment to the scalp and cleanses the hair deeply. It is also enriched with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and thus, prevents dandruff, irritation, and infections. 

  • Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Add some magic of nature to your little bub’s bathing time with Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash! Being one of the favorite Mamaearth Products for kids, it provides intense nourishment with its hydrating and calming properties. It also features nourishing ingredients like Orange Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Extracts, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba Oil.

These ingredients maintain the moisture content and make it soft, plumped up, and glossier. Its tear-free formula makes it a go-to body care product for kids. Thus, give your baby a fun bathing experience with this safe, gentle, and effective Body Wash.

  • Awesome Orange Toothpaste for kids 

Isn’t it harsh to keep babies away from ice creams, chocolates, and sweets? You don’t have to go this harsh on your kids if you have our toothpaste to safeguard their oral health. With Awesome Orange Toothpaste for kids, your kid’s dental hygiene will remain intact and protected from cavities and bacterial attacks.

It is prepared with Fluoride, Xylitol, Aloe Vera, Natural Orange Flavor, etc. It stands first among the top 5 online toothpastes in UAE and is ideal for safeguarding from toothaches. Its orange flavor will pump up their mood and give them energy for the day.  

  • Plant-Based Diaper Pants 

At Mamaearth UAE, we offer a wide range of toxin-free baby products. We have thus introduced plant-based diaper pants for babies. This baby care product gives the kids a relaxing nap time and effectively provides relief from infections and rashes. 

It is designed without including latex, fragrance, chlorine bleaching, and lotions to guarantee the best protection for kids’ skin. So, buy yourself these plant-based diapers, one of the best and must-have Mamaearth products for kids, to give your child the comfort they need! 

Why Should You Choose Mamaearth Products for Your Kid?

  • All baby care products are made for the baby’s delicate and tender skin.
  • Mamaearth Products for kids are made with plant-based ingredients and natural extracts devised in an accurate formulation. These products do not offer any side effects.
  • Mamaearth is the first brand in Asia to be conferred with MadeSafe approval, meaning it is toxin-free and ideal for kids. 
  • The baby care range at Mamaearth UAE is vast, offering a wide spectrum of products to go well on skin, hair, and oral health.

 Summing Up 

Whether you are a first-time parent or an experienced one, you never wish to take risks while sorting products for your little bub. These products will grant holistic care and protection to your kids, keeping them away from allergies. So, extract the optimum nourishment of these amazing Mamaearth products for kids and give your sunshine the warmth of our offerings. Make your buttercup giggly all day and eradicate all the hassles coming in the way! 

PS: Our products are dermatologically tested by experts and are certified by Made Safe, FDA, and Dubai Municipality. 

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Steps To Shortlist the Best Baby Lotion Online

Steps To Shortlist the Best Baby Lotion Online

Babies come clutching a moonbeam in one hand and a ray of sunshine in another. They usher us into a zone of tranquility that is perfectly triangulated with a heavenly bliss of love, affection, and care. We thus try to keep them cozy and comfortable at times, both physically and emotionally. Caring for their emotional security could differ but using the best baby lotion might provide a common (and effective) way to understand their love for you. We are here to make your baby world a happier and more exciting place to be. Hence, we offer a wide range of safe, gentle, and effective baby care products that are made of natural and toxin-free ingredients. But before that, we would like to discuss what characteristics one should look for while shortlisting such a baby lotion online.  How to shortlist a baby lotion? Before deciding on the best baby lotion for yourself, we think it would be best to know the differentiating factors that make a lotion better than the one next to it. We thus consulted some baby care experts online to know how new or first-time parents can make a better buying decision for their babies.
  • Safe and gentle
The baby’s skin is soft and tender. It is thus best to use a baby care product that is both safe and gentle for them. Using anything that soothes and nourishes their skin should do the trick.
  • Toxin-free ingredients (free from harmful chemicals)
Ahead of the above point, it is even more important to opt for products that do not contain any harsh chemicals like parabens or mineral oils. 
  • Check for pH balance 
A baby’s skin has a natural pH between 5 and 5.5. This is why baby care products with a pH of this range are best suited for him. 
  • Easy availability
You are buying a baby care product, not a cellphone in an online flash sale. It is thus worth knowing that if a baby care product is not consistently available in the market, it cannot always be relied on. 
  • Consistent with skin type
Your baby could have dry, oily, or combination type of skin- and it is over and above the tender texture of his skin. Be sure to use baby care products that do not worsen the issues.
  • Is the product hypoallergenic?
This is serious. Opting for a product that could cause allergies, rashes, redness, inflammation, or any such issue may not be the best fit. Which is the best baby lotion in the UAE? The above points explain the importance of adopting a careful procedure for shortlisting the best baby care product. We recommend you check for a baby care product online that meets the above criteria before deciding to buy. We thus welcome you to try our Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies, it is the best baby lotion we have made. It also ranks among the top 5 online baby care products in the UAE and is widely known for its super-safe and gentle experience on the baby’s tender skin.  It is deeply moisturizing, relieves dryness, and offers a no irritation experience. It is enriched with the following safe, gentle, and natural ingredients:
  • Shea butter: It nourishes the skin deeply and relieves dryness.
  • Calendula extract: Its antibacterial and antifungal properties reduce inflammation and irritation 
  • Cocoa butter: It also heals dry and damaged skin by reducing dryness. 
  • Aloe vera extracts: It gently soothes the skin by healing dry and chapped skin
Here’s why else should you opt for this best baby lotion. It offers up to 12 hours of hydration and protection from dryness to the baby’s tender skin without making it greasy or sticky. It keeps the baby’s skin tender, soft, and healthy with regular application. Add to it a baby wash, and you can have the best experience  We also recommend that you opt for our Combo offer of Daily Moisturizing Baby Lotion with Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash. This combo product is available in 200 ml packs apiece. The Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash is also a safe and gentle product that effectively cleanses the baby’s tender skin of dust, grime, and pollutants. It features the following natural cleansers:
  • Coconut Oil: Reduces inflammation and irritation, and prevents dryness 
  • Orange Essential Oil: Provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, thus driving infections away
  • Jojoba Oil: Enriches the skin cells with Selenium, Vitamins, Zinc, Chromium, and Iodine.
  • Aloe Vera Extracts: Heals and moisturizes the drier skin cells, thus rejuvenating the skin’s texture.
Aside from it, this body also comes with a tear-free formula that helps provide deep nourishment without causing any irritation. We suggest that parents may use it on the tender skin of their young ones at least twice a day.  Four exciting body washes that you may opt for Aside from our best baby lotion, you may also try our exciting body washes for growing children (over two years of age). They are also made of safe, natural, and gentle ingredients and do not contain toxins or harmful chemicals. These kids’ body washes are available in the following variants:
  • Brave Blueberry Body Wash for Kids with Blueberry and Oat Protein
  • Super Strawberry Body Wash for Kids with Strawberry and Oat Protein
  • Major Mango Body Wash for Kids with Mango and Oat Protein
  • Agent Apple Body Wash for Kids with Apple and Oat Protein
They are free from sulfates, and gently cleanse the skin without causing any rashes or irritation. These body washes are also enriched with oat protein and glycerin to smoothen the skin and provide deep nourishment.  Summing up A baby body lotion may not always work in isolation. It would thus be best to give it a strong base to operate on and deliver its natural goodness to your baby’s skin. We have mentioned two other allied products that you may use for your little sunshine’s bathing and post-bathing experience.  Mamaearth UAE is Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand. We offer a wide range of dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, and Dubai Municipality Approved baby care products to suit a wide spectrum of parenting needs and aspirations.  Also Read: 5 Mamaearth Products for Baby Also Read: Which Are The Best Mamaearth Products For Glowing Skin Also Read: Best 5 Mamaearth Products for Oily Skin Also Read: Mamaearth Products for Dry Skin Also Read: Which Shampoo is the Best for Hair In UAE Also Read: Which Is the Best Conditioner for Hair in the UAE? Also Read: Which Conditioner Best for Treating Hair Fall, Frizz, and Dandruff?
Which Conditioner Best for Treating Hair Fall, Frizz, and Dandruff?

Which Conditioner Best for Treating Hair Fall, Frizz, and Dandruff?

Hair fall is caused due to weakened hair roots and ruptured hair follicles. This experience may be triggered due to a combination of various factors like inappropriate dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, irregular sleep cycles, excessive stress, and seasonal changes. A smart way to treat these hair care issues and have stronger hair growth is to use the best conditioner for hair fall The UAE is a glorious part of the world located in the Middle East, characterized by high-rise buildings, shimmering skylines, buzzing nightlife, and the best show of Arabic culinary arts. However, there is something more that the UAE is known for- its dry and oppressive heat.

This causes a lot of sweat and pollutants to get deposited on the scalp and may weaken the hair strands. People living or visiting here often keep themselves busy looking for solutions to these persistent hair care issues. One of the best ways to deal with these haircare issues is to look for the best conditioner for hair fall and premature graying. It should be used after you have shampooed your hair at least twice a week. While a shampoo would clean up the toxins and pollutants from your scalp, a conditioner would help provide quality nutrition to the hair roots and follicles. The point is to offer a double-action comprising cleansing and nutrition to the hairs so they become stronger. 

Features to look out for in the best conditioner for hair fall This is important.  Thanks to globalization, the Middle Eastern consumer markets are full of hair care products. These may range from inexpensive to pricey and from chemically enriched to herbal ones. We are making a distinction based on a completely new set of features that would offer you a better way of looking at things. It is about choosing toxin-free hair care products- ones that are made of natural ingredients. They are safer, more effective, and can be used regularly over a longer period of time without any side effects. These products are advised by hair care experts too because they do not contain any harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, or parabens and thus can’t hurt your tresses. We also suggest you check for the specifications as per the following criteria:

  • If your hair is dry or frizzy, you should opt for a moisturizing conditioner
  • If you are experiencing excessive hair fall, you should opt for hair regrowth hair conditioner
  • If your shampoo is not effective enough, you may opt for rinse-out hair conditioner 
  • If your hair needs more nourishment, you should go for a deep conditioner

Tip: Always use a leave-in conditioner once a week to back up the good results of your current conditioner, no matter what your hair texture or haircare issue is. Which is the best conditioner for hair fall in the UAE? At Mamaearth UAE, we are committed to treating your hair care issues in an effective and hassle-free manner. We offer you a wide range of hair conditioners made of safe and natural ingredients.

  • Onion Conditioner for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control with Onion and Coconut

Are you worried about excessive hair fall and tangled hair? Try our Onion Conditioner that features the natural goodness of onions, coconut, and sweet almonds. These gentle ingredients help increase blood supply, nourish and strengthen the roots, and make your hair soft and shiny. 

If getting rid of split ends and frizz is what you are looking for, our Argan Conditioner surely packs a punch. Featuring almond oil and ACV, this argan oil-based conditioner helps reduce dryness and restore the scalp’s natural pH. It also provides anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness. 

The tea tree is known for its deeply moisturizing and calming effects. Hence our Tea Tree Conditioner helps reduce dandruff and controls excess oil secretion on the scalp. Being enriched with almond oil and ginger oil only makes it better because they reduce itching by driving out lice and bacteria. These are our best conditioners for hair fall that you could use to get faster and long-term results. They also rank among the top 5 online hair care products to get longer and shinier hair, even in the seemingly demanding and oppressive heat of the UAE. The key is to use one of these products in close tandem with a safe and gentle hair shampoo that perfectly complements their effectiveness.  Which hair shampoos could you opt for? These conditioners may offer noticeable results if paired with an equally safe and effective hair shampoo- preferably one that is made of toxin-free ingredients. We thus offer a wide range of hair shampoos that perfectly complement the efficiency of the above conditioners. We welcome you to explore our exclusive range of hair shampoos online:

Enriched with sulfur and potassium, it helps reduce hair fall and treat the issues causing it. It also helps promote faster hair growth by repairing the natural structure of the hair cells. You may thus count on silky smooth and shiny hair with regular usage.

Made with the ancient Ayurvedic method of Kshirpak, this safe and gentle shampoo features Bhringraj, Shikakai, and Amla as its main ingredients. Their cumulative effect helps repair damaged hair and reduce dandruff.

  • Tea Tree Shampoo with Tea Tree & Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair

Enriched with tea tree oil and vitamin E, this hair shampoo offers enhanced antibacterial and antifungal action to drive out irritants from the scalp. It thus also heals itchiness, redness, and dryness. Its regular application repairs damaged hair follicles by reducing oxidative stress. Buy a shampoo and conditioner combo online We recommend that you opt for a combo of shampoo and conditioner to get the best of both worlds. You may buy this combo online from the Mamaearth UAE website after selecting the best conditioner for hair fall from the list above. This would help you have better cost and time savings, and you may count on a better hair care experience from day one! Also Read: 5 Best Mamaearth Products for Face 

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Presenting the Best Onion Hair Mask for Hair Fall Control

We all want healthy hair and a ‘good hair day’ every day. So although it may appear to be an unlikely situation, haircare professionals say it is both likely and possible to live that dream. Most people think of onions as a root-based, pungent-smelling, sharp-tasting, household vegetable that brings taste to the food. It is rich in sulfur and potassium, two of our hair growth ingredients. Thus, it makes sense why certain best onion hair masks have advantages for our hair care regimen.

Haircare professionals have been hard at work developing quality hair care solutions that can contribute for a long time. However, one long-forgotten element has proven crucial in their search. Applying the best onion hair mask for hair is the major aspect of this process. 

How to select the best onion hair mask?

Haircare is a unique and highly customized idea. However, if left unattended, it can manifest as severe hair loss, dandruff, premature graying, and sometimes even baldness.

The problem is that having many things in hand somehow doesn’t necessarily fix it. It only makes the issues worse and more complex. There are so many hair care products available that it’s difficult to choose the best and most beneficial one. 

We know readers would like to know if using such a toxin-free hair care product would make a difference in their hair care regimen. Here’s our take on it.

It’s crucial to understand your hair care needs. For example, if you have a dry scalp with dandruff or thinning hair, you may require a hair mask to help regulate and repair the damage. The best onion hair masks are characterized by an absence of potentially dangerous chemicals or toxins.

Benefits of using Mamaearth Best Onion Hair Mask:-

We primarily think of their medicinal and culinary purposes whenever we think of onions. So what distinguishes them as an important hair care remedy, and why do hair care specialists continue to recommend onions for hair?

There are several different varieties of onion hair masks available in the market to help you get rid of your hair care issues. We would like to differentiate the ones that contain safe, gentle, natural, and toxin-free components. Choosing a hair care product free of dangerous chemicals can guarantee a better outcome, particularly over time.

  • Onion helps regulate blood circulation.
  • Excessive and frequent hair loss can be treated with our product.
  • Reduces dandruff and dryness
  • Repairs split ends and knots and avoid breaking
  • Hair follicles and roots are strengthened.
  • Preserve the scalp’s pH balance.
  • Prevents excessive graying of the hair
  • It treats pollutants and free radicals, especially within the scalp
  • It reduces itching and irritation while promoting quicker hair growth with natural conditioning.
  • Hair becomes shinier and stronger due to the best onion hair mask treatment.

These were some of the major benefits of using a hair mask. It would help you cleanse the scalp and reduce hair care issues. It is also important to back up its good result with safe and gentle hair shampoo and conditioner.

We also offer Onion Hair Shampoo and Onion Hair Conditioner that you may use with this hair mask. They also contain onion extracts and other ingredients like coconut and almond that help nourish your hair roots. Best of all, these products are all safe for regular use.

Why should you buy the best Onion Hair Mask from Mamaearth?

We have carefully included several naturally beneficial haircare ingredients in our hair care products. We offer the goodness of nature to help you have the best hair care experience at home. If you are looking for the best Onion Hair Mask in the UAE, we suggest you try ours. 

We have chosen a wide range of natural and toxin-free ingredients to help you have the best hair care experience- be it about hair fall or premature graying. Onions are rich in sulfur, a key component of our hair cells, and this is why we have chosen it to deliver an unbeatable experience in these three products. 

Let us explain the essential ingredients present in our onion hair mask and their benefits:

  1. Onion Oil: It restores proteins to the scalp damaged by pollution, harsh weather, and dangerous chemicals found in hair care products. It helps soothe and relieve stress from the scalp. It contains sulfur, a key component of faster hair growth.
  2. Organic Bamboo Vinegar: Organic Bamboo Vinegar boosts blood circulation, eliminates germs, and provides smoothness to the hair shaft. It hydrates, shines, strengthens, and nourishes hair from the roots to the tips.
  1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil hydrates and thickens hair from the roots. It reduces hair fall and fights dandruff. This ingredient also acts like a moisturizing agent that provides deep moisturization to the hair roots.
  2. Rosemary Oil: Rosemary Oil increases hair growth and prevents premature graying by stimulating the scalp. It also helps you stay away from seasonal dandruff and other scalp-related issues. 

With all of the advantages of the onion hair mask by Mamaearth, you definitely should try it. The majority of hair care professionals advise the same.

Tip: Considering the UAE’s hot and dry environment, these advantages are valuable. You may comprehend that your hair roots will always want something truly calming and comforting to help remove pollutants and free radicals- and what might be better than using the best onion hair mask that is naturally beneficial?

Summing up

Choosing natural, toxin-free goods might appear to be a trendy thing, although not without its advantages. To better understand their value, we encourage you to begin by selecting some easy-to-use daily hair care products, such as oils, hair masks, and serums. You may transition to a comprehensive hair care routine using entirely toxin-free products with time.

Mamaearth UAE provides you with the best experience for your daily needs, be it for skincare, hair care, body care, or baby care. You are only a choice and a product away from making a positive difference in your life today. Think about the advantages of an onion hair mask and make the transition right away. Enjoy your hair care with Mamaearth UAE and see the changes in your hair quality! Happy Haircare!

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Bid Farewell to Skincare Blues with Mamaearth Products for Dark Spots

Bid Farewell to Skincare Blues with Mamaearth Products for Dark Spots

Your skincare care routine impacts what you see in the mirror. So, whether you are in your early twenties or late forties, we suggest you check if your skincare endeavors have delivered on all fronts. If not, maybe it is time to reflect on them. This blog offers a list of six Mamaearth products for dark spots to help your skin breathe and shine. 

But, before we delve deeper into the discussion, we should also elucidate what a basic routine should look like. So, let’s decode the fundamentals first!

What is a skincare routine?

One might face issues like dark spots, early signs of aging, or dullness. But they usually relate to inadequate nutrition, living a less-than-advised lifestyle, stress, irregular sleep patterns. 

You should also ask yourself the following questions to get to a conclusion:

  • How are you taking care of your skin?
  • What issues are you facing (like dark spots and acne)?
  • What products are you using?
  • How long have you been using these products? 
  • Are they certified safe for regular use?

To understand this better, let’s take an example. If you are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin daily but are not using sunscreens, you perhaps are not doing it the right way. You should add safe, gentle, effective skincare products and use hydrating face packs to your routine to reap additional benefits. 

We have listed some simple steps to keep dark spots and acne away in this article. At Mamaearth, we explore every viewpoint to configure solutions. We cater to diverse needs from skincare range for adults to Mamaearth Baby diapers. So, reach out to the goodness waiting for you to unfold. Now, let’s explore the steps and Mamaearth products for dark spots:

 Skincare Basics Backed by Potent Products

  • Step: 01- Cleansing

Cleansing is the first step in skincare- it ensures that your skin is prepped to blend in the other products. An effective cleanser draws out the skin’s impurities, makeup residues, pollution, and dirt to offer deep hydration. Appreciating the need for using an effective cleanser, we advise you to bring home our Tea Tree Face Wash

Prepared with soothing ingredients such as Neem, Tea tree Oil, and Aloe Vera, this face wash effectively counters the dark spots and acne scars and minimizes pimples and zits. It is always good to have a cleanser with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step: 02- Toning

Like other skincare products, a toner holds utmost importance in your skincare regimen. Apart from regulating your pH, it also hydrates your skin. Mamaearth UAE brings a Vitamin C enriched face toner with Aloe Vera Extract, Cucumber, and Witch Hazel. These ingredients work incredibly well on dark spots, fine lines, and uneven texture. 

In short, it confers your skin health with holistic nourishment. It comes among the top 5 online toners in UAE, which works according to the weather of UAE. So, let your skin woes be sprayed away with this Vitamin C Face toner!

Step: 03- Treatment with Serum

The next step is meant for the people with dark spots. Serums help bring out the skin’s natural radiance and eliminate issues like dullness, tanning, acne marks, etc. Our Skin Illuminate Face Serum helps you achieve better results for your appearance, and it soothes your skin’s sensitivity. 

Power-packed with ingredients like Vitamin C and Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract, this Skin Illuminate Serum adds natural radiance to the skin as promised and fades away the dark spots if applied regularly. While Squalane helps with dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles, turmeric brightens the texture and rejuvenates the skin cells. Thus, buy this serum to add a radiant glow to your skin!

 Step: 04 – Face Cream

Powered by the natural goodness of Daisy Flower, Vetiver Oil, Geranium Oil, Mulberry Extract, Bye Bye Blemishes Cream helps you chase away your dark spots and acne scars. This face cream is the foundation of your skincare routine, and it can offer adequate hydration and nourishment to your skin cells. 

Designed to remove blemishes and scars, it also targets dullness, uneven texture, and uneven suntan. In addition, the formulation also offers anti-aging benefits and skin lightening properties that help your skin have a naturally flawless texture. 

Step: 05- Protecting

Whether you are into your skincare or a newbie, sunscreen is a crucial step in your AM routine. It is like a superfood for the skin because it creates a shield against harmful environmental triggers like pollution and sun rays. 

If you seek a solution to protect yourself from sun damage, tap into the list of Mamaearth products for dark spots and find yourself well-formulated Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen. Equipped with the ingredients such as Carrot Seed Oil, Turmeric, and Orange Oil, this Sunscreen ensures optimum protection from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. 

It is lightweight in consistency and texture. It doesn’t dry out your skin but rather gives it sufficient moisturization. So, keep your sun protectant by your side, and don’t let the harsh sun rays fade your glow!

Weekly Routine – Face Mask

Considering its rich formulation and instant brightening formula, the Neem Face Pack is one of the best Mamaearth products for dark spots. In addition, it comes with natural ingredients like Neem Oil, Apricot Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Mulberry Oil, all of which act on acne and pimples marks and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

The face mask is an essential step in the skincare regime, which should be applied twice a week. It brings instance glow to the face and creates a healthy barrier by soaking in the excess oils. So, part your ways with zits and pimples by hopping onto the natural goodness of Neem.

Mamaearth UAE: The Beauty Address You Will Keep Coming to!

At Mamaearth, we make quality products for babies and their mamas and daddies. From the Mamaearth Baby Diapers to the astonishing perfume range for adults, our house of products keeps broadening its horizon with each passing day. 

We offer a wide range of skincare, body care, hair care, and baby care products made with safe, gentle, natural, and toxin-free ingredients. We do not test our product on animals, and we are a plastic-positive brand because we want to keep our ecosystem balanced. 

A little piece of advice! 

Apart from taking the cue of the afore-stated list of Mamaearth products for dark spots, be sure to drink plenty of water, exercise daily, and eat healthily. Being happy is the best we can do to keep our skin healthy and glowing.

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Decoding the Benefits of Using a Hair Conditioner

Decoding the Benefits of Using a Hair Conditioner 

Every hair care routine comprises serious roadblocks that could affect or even stall your progress. We could all have our agendas set for our hair, yet it may come to a standstill because we often miss a crucial aspect- that proper conditioning should be job number one. In this blog, we will talk about hair conditioner benefits and facts, suggestions, and importance associated with conditioners. 

Why should you use a hair conditioner?

We all have once in our life dreamed about flipping our bouncy hair the way the models do in shampoo commercials. We often start with using shampoo to wipe out sweat, grime, dirt, and leftover hair products from our scalp. It seems to be going in the right direction because a shampoo also removes excess sebum from the scalp and removes unwanted germs and bacteria.

But one would also need a conditioner to maintain one’s scalp’s moisture and pH level. A conditioner “conditions” hair roots and follicles for better growth. It also makes the hair softer, provides a shinier texture, improves strength, reduces tangles, and makes it easier to use a comb. It is thus recommended to use a safe, natural, and gentle conditioner to reap the best hair conditioner benefits

At Mamaearth UAE, we prioritize your need to offer the best grade of moisturization and hydration to your hair follicles. Abiding by the goodness of nature, we offer some of the best hair conditioners online that soothe the scalp, detangle the tresses, and gently reduce the brittleness of hair.

We recommend you follow a personalized hair care routine with the products that work for your hair type. We would later mention three of the top 5 online conditioners (as per hair type) in the UAE and Dubai to get the hair conditioner benefits. It is just as important to adopt an active lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, and observe proper sleep cycles. Consulting a hair care expert would also help just as much.

3 Benefits of using a safe and gentle hair conditioner

Sebum is a natural oil that the scalp creates to maintain its pH balance and keep the hair follicles adequately moisturized. But the trouble is that too much of it may also hurt your scalp and make your hair dull and damaged. Since a hair conditioner conditions and nourishes the hair roots, you should not skip using it. 

Here are some other reasons why you should opt for a conditioner for routine hair care:

  • Instant results

Applying conditioner (and leaving it applied for some time) can help bring shine to your hair. Despite what we believe, it is essential and can make your hair velvety soft. You don’t have to wait for ages to see the results, it is ready with the results once your hair dries.

  • Moisturizes your hair

Conditioning restores the moisture that might have been stripped away from the scalp while being out in the sun or by using harsh chemicals. In addition, this process also gently soothes the dryness of the scalp and reduces inflammation.

  • Detangles the hair

Using shampoo alone will not detangle your hair or make it free from frizz. You would also need quality nourishment and nutrition to remove dryness from your hair roots. The calming formulation of a safe and gentle hair conditioner could do that job for you by nourishing the hair follicles.

How to Sort Your Conditioner According to Hair Type?

Hair comes in all shapes, textures, colors, and sizes. It may be bouncy, wavy, rough, or thin. It may also be dyed, chemically treated, straight, or curly. But the thing that unites us all is our concern for our hair. Whether for hair growth or unlocking stubborn knots, it surely deserves a specialized form of care that only conditioners can offer. This is why we should never miss on the hair conditioner benefits.

Conditioners are made of moisturizing agents, and thus you should always use them to nourish your hair every time you shampoo. No matter how effective your shampoo is, it can’t beat the positives offered by a conditioner. But how can you pick the best one for you? 

Here are some easy ways to get going with a better conditioner today, as per your hair type and issues. 

  1. For Dry and Frizzy Hair

Don’t we all crave a volume that shines without any aid from styling products? However, it is nearly impossible to keep our hair away from chemicals or styling tools. Amidst all the styling waves that our hair explores, it is critical to layer our hair with moisturizing and gentle products. Comprehending hair care needs in today’s time, we suggest you buy our Argan Conditioner.

Equipped with Argan Oil, Almond Oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar, our Argan Conditioner packs a complete punch with its results and effectiveness. Apart from leveling up the hair quality, it keeps the frizz and roughness at bay, thus leaving your strands soft and manageable. Argan Oil in the composition penetrates deep into the hair shaft to deliver immense strength to the root and shine to the tresses.

  1. For Hair Fall and Thinning

How will you keep up with the trends if you excessively lose hair? Backing up the haircare game starts with controlling hair fall. Therefore, give your hair the benefits of the most promising hair fall remedy – onion! 

At Mamaearth UAE, our Onion Conditioners might help you get rid of your hair care issues. It comes with a mix of high-grade ingredients such as Onion Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Triglycerides, which create a favorable environment for newer strains to grow. It prevents hair loss, but it is also an excellent remedy to stimulate blood circulation in hair.

  1. For Dandruff-Prone Scalp

Of all the hair care woes, dandruff and infections could affect your appearance the most. Bacterial infections result from excess oiliness on the scalp, thus leading to dandruff, itchiness, and excessive hair fall. These concerns keep coming into your life for a certain period of time until you decide to do something about it. To help you combat inflammation and redness, it is best to opt for a tea tree oil-based conditioner.

Our Tea Tree Conditioner features some of the best hair conditioner benefits for these issues. It is packed with the richness of Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil, and Ginger Oil. While Tea tree and Ginger Oil take the front row to reduce dryness and heal itchiness and flakiness, Almond Oil adds shine to the hair.

Key highlights

If you go on exploring hair care products, you will find many reasons to buy conditioners. Be it hair serums, coloring, or exploring hairstyles, your hair needs the nourishment of hair conditioners every day. Along with exploring hair conditioner benefits, you should have a balanced diet and proper sleep. 

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Which Is the Best Conditioner for Hair in the UAE?

Which Is the Best Conditioner for Hair in the UAE?

There are five major hair care issues: hair fall, premature graying, dandruff, frizz, and maybe all of them. Most people would advise you to opt for a nourishing diet, an active lifestyle, stress-free thinking, and taking a proper sleep to counter these issues- and they would be quite right too. The only trouble is that these changes will not always deliver the best results. What is missing in this chain of reactions is the choice of the best conditioner for natural hair.

You could also have colored or dyed hair, and you might think it looks so nice on you. It might even be so at times, but why are your hair roots or follicles bearing the load of this new hairdo? A precise answer to this seemingly easy question would also hinge on your choice of the best conditioner. 

Benefits of a safe and gentle hair conditioner 

A hair conditioner serves a different purpose from a hair shampoo. The latter would help remove dust, grime, and oil particles from your scalp and thus make your hair cleaner. However, a conditioner works rather differently because it improves your hair’s texture, softness, appearance, and manageability. It also reduces friction between hair, thus helping in easier combing and strengthening the hair roots with proper nutrition. 

Here is why else you should opt for a safe and gentle hair conditioner:

  1. Makes hair softer
  2. Makes hair tangle-free and smoother
  3. Protects the hair from pollutants and irritants
  4. Helps you style your hair as you want
  5. Prevents frizz and split ends
  6. Improves the manageability of hair
  7. Protects from harmful chemicals or the sun’s UV radiation
  8. Moisturizes the roots and follicles
  9. Repairs hair damage
  10. Reduces grime and excess oil 
  11.  Helps you have longer and shinier hair
  12. Works on all types of hair
  13. Suitable for men and women of all age groups

Why should you opt for a safe and gentle hair conditioner?

There is only one way to opt for the best conditioner for natural hair. And that is to opt for a safe and gentle hair care product that perfectly answers your hair care issues and helps you treat them in a hassle-free manner. 

If you are looking for a brand that could help you with hair conditioners, you should consider us. We offer a wide range of safe, gentle, natural, and toxin-free hair conditioners for regular usage across a wide range of hair care concerns.

Here are three of our best hair conditioners for natural hair that you could opt online to take some really good care of your tresses:

  1. Onion Conditioner for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control with Onion and Coconut

This hair conditioner is enriched with the natural goodness of onions, coconut triglycerides, and sweet almond oil that increase blood circulation and contain hair loss. Its regular application could also help you see the back of fungus or other bacteria on your scalp. 

  1. Argan Conditioner with Argan & Apple Cider Vinegar for Frizz-Free and Stronger Hair

As one of the top 5 online hair care products in Dubai, this argan conditioner works to reduce frizz and split ends. It comes enriched with argan oil, almond oil, and apple cider vinegar that together restore the scalp’s pH balance and nourish the hair roots.

  1. Tea Tree Conditioner with Tea Tree & Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair

As the best conditioner for natural hair, this hair conditioner reduces dandruff, itching, dryness, and other symptoms of dermatitis. You should note that these safe ingredients (tea tree oil, almond oil, and ginger oil) would help cleanse your scalp of any inflammation or infection.

Allied products you could opt for

At Mamaearth UAE, we also offer a wide range of other allied products that go well with these hair care products. We welcome you to explore our amazing range of hair shampoos, hair masks, and hair oils that you can use every day to have the best hair care experience at home. 

  1. Argan Hair Mask for Frizz-Free & Stronger Hair

Aside from the best conditioner for natural hair, it would also serve you well to opt for a hair mask to eliminate issues like hair fall and damaged hair. This hair mask is enriched with argan oil and rosemary oil that make hair softer and restore the moisture in the scalp, thus promoting hair growth.

  1. Happy Heads Shampoo for Healthy & Stronger Hair

Enriched with biotin and amla extracts, this hair shampoo helps strengthen hair follicles and makes the hair shiny and healthy. It also offers enhanced antifungal and antibacterial properties due to the presence of bhringraj oil that keeps dandruff away.

Each of the above products is meant to offer you an amazing way out with your hair care issues. Starting with the best conditioner for natural hair and going all the way to a hair mask and hair shampoo, there is a lot you can choose to buy from Mamaearth UAE. We are your one-stop shop for all your hair care needs, and we are just an online order away from you.

We offer MadeSafe and PETA-Certified products 

You would find that all our products- be it for hair care, skincare, body care, or baby care- are free from animal testing and harmful chemicals. This is why we are certified by notable organizations like Made Safe and PETA. We understand that it takes a big investment to care for yourself every day. This is why we go the extra mile to curate products made with the purest, safest, and gentlest of ingredients available naturally.

We welcome you to make a positive change in several elements of your current lifestyle and to enjoy superior hair care benefits, starting today. The key is to stay consistent with these safe and natural hair care products to avail of the best grade of hair care experience at home- and it all begins with a decision to opt for the best conditioner for natural hair today!

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