Why is Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen Ideal for Oily Skin?

Why is Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen Ideal for Oily Skin?

When you are struggling with oily skin, even the thought of putting on sunscreen can be a little unappealing. The white-cast look and the greasy after-effect of their formulas is certainly not what you would want for a whole day. So what should you do? How to strike the right balance while protecting your skin against the UV rays? We have a perfect solution for you – Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen. This sunscreen comes with broad spectrum SPF 50 PA+++. It provides a long-lasting protection against harsh UVA & UVB rays. And as the name suggests, Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen does not leave behind a greasy finish.  That is not all. Here are some reasons why this sunscreen deserves a place in your skincare regimen!

  • Ingredients That Keep The Oil At Bay

What makes Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen perfect for oily skin is its amazing list of ingredients. From turmeric and orange oil to Cananga oil and carrot seed oil, it contains a range of natural ingredients that give you the ultimate sun protection. Let’s take a look at what exactly do they do: 

  • Orange Oil: This is our hero ingredient that makes Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen a BFF of oily skin. The oil increases the skin’s ability to absorb the skin and leaves behind a glossy yet oil-free complexion. 
  • Turmeric: Turmeric brings its anti-bacterial properties to pamper your skin. It also reverses the tanning and improves your skin’s complexion. 
  • Cananga Oil: Sun protectant and a moisturiser – Cananga Oil offers dual benefits. It also seeps right into the skin and avoids any after-application finish. 

To know more about what’s inside Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen, feel free to check our full ingredient list on the website.

  • High Protection From Harmful Sun Rays

Is oil-free complexion all that you want? Not really. Using sunscreen is primarily about safeguarding your delicate skin from the harsh UVA & UVB rays. We, at Mamaearth UAE, understand that and hence offer SPF 50  PA+++ in the sunscreen. This special formulation ensures your skin gets the highest protection that lasts for six long hours! 

So, if you want to protect your skin from the adverse effects of harsh sun rays, it is time to try Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen. 

  • No Toxins & Super Safe 

Nowadays, it is not just the added ingredients that make any skin product a winner. People also check if there are any traces of toxins like parabens or SLS. 

Mamaearth promises no toxins and harmful chemicals in all its products, including sunscreen and moisturiser. So, whether it is parabens, silicones, or mineral oil, there is no room for toxins in Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen. 

What’s more! The sunscreen is also dermatologically tested. This means, it is super safe and you can apply it regularly without worrying about any side effects. 

Bonus Tips For Applying Sunscreen On Oily Skin

Buying sunscreen is just the first step. It is the proper application that makes a difference. To make sure you ace this next step, here are some extra tips. Take a note!

  • Instead of dotting your face with the cream, squeeze a giant blob on your palm and then apply it. This makes sure your skin absorbs the cream quickly and evenly. 
  • Always apply sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. 
  • Sunscreen should be used before moisturiser for higher protection. 
  • Don’t skip sunscreen even when you are working indoors as UV rays can also penetrate through window glass. 

Now’s the Time to Act!

Like life, you also need to strike a balance when it comes to your skin, especially if it’s oily. Buy Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen online and get ready to enjoy non-greasy and soft skin. You can also team up the sunscreen with Charcoal Facewash for Oil Control and Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer to get the best results. Now, wait no more and head to our skincare section!

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Why is Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum a Game Changer?

Why is Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum a Game Changer?

Until a few years ago, people used to think that moisturisers are the best product to nourish and brighten their skin. But then came the era of face serums. Not only do face serums nourish the skin but they also refine your skin’s pores and come with anti-ageing benefits. Having said that not all face serums are formulated the same. Every skin concern needs a different kind of product that will work. If you’re also looking for that radiant glowing skin and are planning to switch up your skincare routine, then you’re surely at the right place. 

One of our most-loved products is Mamaearth’s Skin Illuminate Face Serum. It is specially formulated to revitalize your skin and give it that luminous glow. It is very lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin. Suited for all skin types, our Skin Illuminate Face Serum is crafted with the goodness of Vitamin C, Turmeric and Squalane. The trifecta of these ingredients ensures that your skin emerges tighter, firmer and glowy. After using this serum consistently, users have noticed a change in the texture, plumpness, and brightness of their skin. It works effectively to reduce hyperpigmentation and fine lines thus making your skin appear more youthful and radiant. And that is why it has become a vital step in a skin care routine. This serum has given consistent results to skincare enthusiasts. But the question is – what makes it a game changer? What is it that makes it better than others? Let’s find out.

Skin Illuminate Face Serum – Why Choose Us

There are certain factors that make or break the effectiveness of skincare products. While experts can easily differentiate a quality serum from a non-effective one, it is hard for people who are new to skincare to know what works for their skin. To let you in on the secret we have compiled some of the top reasons why  Skin Illuminate Face Serum is a game changer:

Made With Natural Ingredients

The key ingredients in the Skin Illuminate Face Serum are derived naturally and have been proven to be effective in improving skin tone and texture. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Vitamin C: Whether you are someone in your 20s or 60s, Vitamin C can very well work for you. It minimizes fine lines, makes your skin smoother, and brightens your skin.
  • Turmeric: The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make it the best ingredient for skin healing. Along with that, it also makes your skin appear younger. 
  • Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract: It soothes irritation, helps prevent infections, and strengthens skin’s capillaries. Nymphaea Alba flower extra wear has many skincare benefits. And this incredible gift of nature can now work for you too.
  • Squalane: This ingredient can make your skin look firmer as it boosts collagen production in your body. Apart from that, it also has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. 

100% Toxin-Free & Dermatologically Tested

All Mamaearth products are dermatologically tested and go through rigorous stages of quality control. Our products don’t contain Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, etc. 

When you buy our serum online at Mamaearth UAE, you can be assured that our products are suitable for all skin types and made with the finest of ingredients. The Skin Illuminate Face Serum is a great product for men and women who are struggling with dull skin and are looking for that natural glow. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin or sensitive skin and you will surely see results with consistent use. 

The Bottom Line

Consistency is key when it comes to skincare. And the first step towards that is buying and using the right products. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum is a product that is already trusted by skincare enthusiasts. Now you can also buy the Skin Illuminate Serum Online on our website and start experiencing this game-changing product. The true test is when one uses the product and starts noticing the results. We suggest you use this product during the day time and follow it up with your sunscreen. Get ready to glow!

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Things to Consider while Choosing a Baby Toothpaste

Things to Consider while Choosing a Baby Toothpaste

You must have seen various toothpaste brands, one such being the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth. These may have made you think that your little one is too little to require a baby toothpaste online. However, did you know that you may be completely wrong too by making this assumption? It often becomes difficult for a parent to judge when they should start the oral care process for their babies. As a parent, if you believe that your baby needs oral care once the first tooth shows up, you are completely wrong. Oral care begins much before the tooth even starts to show up in reality. 

A baby holding a toothbrush

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How Do You Know When to Begin Oral Care for Your Baby?

One great way to determine if your baby needs oral care is by observing your baby’s movement. According to the general norm, it is seen that a baby develops a tendency to grab anything and place a bite on the same roughly when the baby’s age is six months or older. Your baby may bite the ears of their favorite teddy bear, for instance. Your baby might even try to play a superhero by trying to bite on the doorknob as well. If you see such signs, understand that your baby has already started getting the tingling feeling in the gum. This is an indicator that the first tooth will emerge soon. That is why you should start the oral care process for your baby at this stage. Take a look at the Toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth and a cute brush, to begin with. And, if you are wondering how you should purchase a baby toothpaste online without considering the pros and cons of toothpaste, like the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth, we have a small guide to help you out. 

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Toothpaste for Your Kid? 

We understand your concern, and we know that you want the best for your child. Thus, after consulting with the best dentists in Dubai, UAE, we have listed the key points that will help you master the art of oral care for your baby and choose the best toothpaste, such as the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth. 

  • Look for a Natural Product: There are so many baby toothpaste online, and getting confused during selection is natural. The first elimination factor should be to check the contents of the toothpaste. If the toothpaste is made with chemical infusions, it can have a very strong formula that is not suitable for your baby. On the other hand, if the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth is made of natural ingredients exclusively, you can be assured that your child will benefit from the goodness of the natural ingredients in the mild formula. 
Natural Organic Toothpaste Babies
  • Check for the Fluoride Content and Safety Certification: Fluoride is an essential element in toothpaste as it helps prevent the decaying of teeth. While fluoride in the toothpaste is good, too much fluoride can be harmful as it may lead to a disorder called fluorosis. Before you buy the toothpaste, check the fluoride content so that it is within the safety limits. Opting for a product like the toothpaste for kids from Mamaearth that is clinically tested for safety and recommended by dentists is a good choice. 
  • Choose a Friendly Flavour: This is not a beneficial factor, but some things are meant for fun, right? Initially, your baby will end up swallowing a part of the toothpaste even if you try to make them spit it out. Your baby might even refuse to use toothpaste. So, buy a toothpaste that has a pleasant flavor like the fruity flavors. Minty flavors can become too spicy for your child, and try to skip the same. 

Do you feel confident now that you know how to initiate the oral care process for your baby? Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Check out the reviews online and buy the best toothpaste for your little one today to add to the beauty of their smile. 

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Why is Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash So Effective?

Why is Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash So Effective?

If you are a skincare enthusiast, we are sure you must have heard of Vitamin C and its legendary benefits for the skin. This simple ingredient works like magic, taking away the dullness and acne scars. And this is why we have introduced Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash

Suited for all skin types, our Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash can be a perfect start for your daily skincare regimen. It can quickly cleanse your face and eliminate any sort of dirt and oil without stripping your skin of the essential moisture. The face wash also has brightening properties that bring back your natural glow. But is that it? What makes this face wash better than others? And why should you buy it? We have answers to all these questions right below. Keep reading!

What Makes Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash Super Effective?

Power-Packed Ingredients

Whenever you come across any skincare product, the first and foremost thing to check is the ingredient list. The formulation decides if it is going to work for you or not. Mamareath Vitamin C Face Wash is enriched with ingredients that fight several skin issues effectively. Some of them are: 

  • Vitamin C: This powerful ingredient has the ability to reverse aging, dullness, sun damage and more with its antioxidant properties. Using Vitamin C on a daily basis improves collagen production that automatically reduces premature signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. Vitamin C is also beneficial in preventing skin damage due to UV rays. 
  • Turmeric: Turmeric does the basic and the most important function of the face wash – cleansing and exfoliating. It removes dead skin cells and other impurities residing deep into the skin pores.  Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It brightens your skin making it appear naturally radiant from the very first wash. 
  • Aloe Vera: Unlike many face washes available in Dubai, Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash does not end up making your skin dry and flaky. To save you from this, it contains Aloe vera extracts that moisturize the skin and makes it soft and hydrated.  

Other than these, Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash also contains castor oil, neem leaf extract, lemon oil, and other essential ingredients. 

Free From Toxins

Sometimes what makes a skincare product better is not the ingredients it contains but the ingredients that it does not contain. In simple words, a good product should not contain harmful ingredients or irritants. In fact, “natural” products are taking a higher leap in the market as people are becoming more conscious of their skin’s health. Many reviews also rate this face wash higher than others owing to the presence of safe and natural ingredients. 

Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash is known for being a toxin-free product. This means you will not find any trace of chemicals such as parabens, SLS, sulphates, and mineral oil. This means that there are no irritants in the formulation so if you have sensitive skin, then it’s a gentle and safe option for you. 

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Tested By Dermatologists

When it comes to skincare products, people often look for a label – dermatologically tested – to ensure they are taking the right decision. All Mamaearth products go through rigorous testing and are deemed safe to be used by men and women of all skin types. 

That being said, we also take the extra steps to ensure all our products meet the safety standards to offer only the best to your skin. You can explore our website to know more about our quality and safety commitments. 

If You Heart it Then You Can Cart it: 

Clear and glowing skin is the result of consistent skincare. You too can follow it by picking the right products. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash is easily available in the UAE. You can buy the face wash online and try it for yourself. To upgrade your skincare routine, you can also explore other products such as sunscreens, serums, moisturizers, and under-eye cream. Have a healthy and happy skincare journey.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Ignore Sunscreen in Your Skincare Regime

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Sunscreen in Your Skincare Regime

Planning on upgrading your skincare regimen? Make sure you don’t forget the ever-essential potion for your skin – a Mamaearth sunscreen. We know how the sun’s UV rays can take a toll on your soft skin, and that’s why we have curated a special sunscreen that gives over 6 hours of protection from the harsh UVA & UVB rays. 

But before we talk more about why Mamaearth sunscreen is your perfect shield against the sun, let’s give you a peek into why exactly you need sunscreen in the first place. Keep reading

What Happens When You Don’t Use A Sunscreen?

  • Wrinkles, Fine Lines, & Dark Spots Arrive Early

The premature signs of aging often get accelerated with exposure to UVA rays. This is because compared to UV rays, UVA rays can penetrate your skin more deeply. While doing so, they affect the collagen structure of your skin and break it into fragmented tangles. This process can lead to changes in skin and cause the early appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Some studies even state that UV rays cause around 80% of visible skin aging.

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  • Your Skin Tone Becomes Uneven 

When your skin cells are damaged by over-exposure to sun rays, they do not produce collagen. This also leads to the overproduction of oxidation. Here, to understand oxidation, you can take the example of fruits. What happens when you leave any fruit out for too long? It develops brown marks and sports. Something similar happens to your skin. Your skin may develop pigmentation, sun spots, freckles, which eventually lead to a dull and uneven skin tone. 

Why Should You Choose Mamaearth Sunscreen?

Mamaearth sunscreen is specially formulated to protect your skin from the effects of sunrays mentioned above. But that’s not it. Here are some other reasons why you should buy Mamaearth Sunscreen for your next skincare shopping: 

  • Made With Natural Ingredients: One of our USPs is that we curate skincare products from natural ingredients. Our Mamaearth sunscreen contains Turmeric, Orange Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and Cananga Oil. These ingredients make sure your skin stays safe and also glowing throughout the day. 
  • 6-Hour Long Protection From UVA & UVB rays: With SPF 50  PA+++ of our sunscreen, you can enjoy sunscreen protection that lasts for about 6 hours. This takes away the general hassle of applying sunscreen after every two hours. 
  • Free From Toxins: We promise no toxins or harmful chemicals in Mamaearth sunscreen. This means – whether it is parabens, mineral oil, or silicone – there is no room for any harmful chemicals in our skincare products. 

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When Should You Apply Sunscreen?

Many people mess up the whole sunscreen application process by not applying it at the right time. To help you, we have jotted down some specific times when sunscreen is a must: 

  • Apply the sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors
  • Reapply sunscreen after water activities or strenuous activities
  • Apply sunscreen even if you work indoors since UVA and UVB rays can penetrate glass
  • Don’t skip sunscreen in cloudy weather, as 80% of UVA radiation can still reach the earth

Your job doesn’t end even when you buy Mamaearth sunscreen online. Make sure you follow these points and give your skin all the protection and tan-free glow!

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Here’s Why Mamaearth Under Eye Cream Is A Must-Have

If movies have taught anything, it is that your eyes are the most beautiful and expressive part of your face. And now, with facemasks being an important part of your attire, the focus on eyes is even more. You can find striking eye makeup and styles coming up in vogue. 

A person smiling with her hands on her face

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That being said, it is also important to note that the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than your face. In fact, the under eye area gets affected with fine lines and wrinkles much earlier due to its sensitivity. All this means you have to give extra pampering and care to under-eye skin. For that, Mamaearth Under Eye Cream is a perfect option!

Made with bioactives, this under eye cream for dark circles replenishes the skin and makes it smooth and supple. And that’s not it. There are plenty of reasons why our under eye cream for dark circles should be in your skincare cabinet. Read on to find out!

  • Natural Ingredients

The first thing one checks in a skincare product is the ingredients and that is one of the best parts of Mamaearth Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles. Our super-effective cream is enriched with super nourishing natural ingredients.

From white lily and cucumber to coffee and green tea extracts, this under eye cream brings the goodness of nature to make your eyes bright and healthy. You can also find traces of shea butter, rockweed extract, sweet almond oil, and collagen, etc., that prevent plenty of skin issues which we will discuss in the next points. 

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  • No More Dark Circles

Are dark circles ruining your pretty look? Have you been looking for a solution that’s not too expensive yet highly effective? It is time to turn to our under eye cream. 

As the name suggests, Mamaearth Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles is great when it comes to fading dark circles. This is done with the help of ingredients like green tea, vitamin C extracts, and also Hyaluronic acid present in the cream. Apply it twice a day and you can notice the difference in a few weeks!

  • Say Goodbye to Puffiness and Eye Bags

If you are tired of looking tired, give yourself some caffeine. And no, we are not talking about a cup of coffee but Mamaearth under eye cream. The product brings the power of caffeine packed in a lightweight cream that will reduce puffiness and eye bags. 

The cream also has white lily extract that is known to minimize eye bags and improve the skin’s elasticity. It becomes even better when cucumber extracts replenish the skin to make it look as fresh as early morning. 

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What’s More?

Let’s move from the ingredients and impact to other great things about this under eye cream for dark circles: 

  • Suitable For All Skin Types: This cream is effective for all, whether you are a man or a woman. The same goes for different skin types. 
  • Free From Harmful Chemicals: Like other Mamaearth products, our under eye cream for dark circles is also free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and mineral oil. 
  • Not Just An Under Eye Cream: Yes! You can also apply it as a mild day cream for the face to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin. 

To Sum Up Great and flawless skin is not simply a matter of DNA. You need to follow a proper skincare routine and healthy diet to tune up your complexion and make it glow up. So, stop at nothing and explore our product page to buy under eye cream for dark circles online. You can also add face washes, face creams, masks, and so on to give your skin much-needed care.

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Argan Hair Mask and it’s Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know

Every now and then, your hair needs an extra boost of nourishment, what better to do it with other than Mamaearth hair mask, enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil. It’s just what you need to keep frizziness and dryness at bay. Power-packed with argan oil, avocado oil, rosemary oil, and milk protein, this Mamaearth Hair Mask is like a spa day in a jar. It deeply conditions hair making it strong and healthy. 

But before we jump straight to benefits, here is a little about Argan oil and why it is such a celebrated ingredient in the hair care industry.

What is Argan Oil?

The nutrient-rich argan oil is extracted from the kernels and nuts of the Argan tree. Since these trees are mainly found in Morocco, the oil is also known as Moroccan oil. This is also one reason why Argan oil is rare and treated like an expensive commodity. People even call Argan oil ‘liquid gold’ because of its amazing benefits. 

Argan oil contains fatty acids and Vitamin E that makes it perfect for taming frizzy hair. It can also moisturize your scalp and turn your rough hair into soft tresses. 

The Benefits of Argan Hair Mask

  • Makes Hair Stronger

Are you finding your hair strands everywhere – from your pillow and comb to the bathroom sink and your favorite top? It is time to put an end to it by giving your hair extra care and nourishment with Mamaearth hair mask. 

The Argan hair mask deeply conditions the hair strands and makes them stronger. While argan oil conditions, avocado oil strengthens hair follicles and curbs unnecessary hair fall. With such amazing natural ingredients, this Mamaearth hair mask is a must-have! 

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  • Treats Frizzy and Dry Hair

Sometimes a hair conditioner is not enough to tame the frizzy hair. You need intense treatment to restore the lost moisture and shine of your hair. This is where Argan hair comes into the picture to make your hair shiny and smooth. 

Along with milk protein, Argan oil in the mask lends moisture and shine. Just use it before twice a week before hair wash for 15 minutes. To get better results, apply the Mamaearth hair mask at least twice a week. 

  • Contains Natural Ingredients 

It is important to ensure what goes into the products you use. However, when it comes to Mamaearth hair masks or any Mamaearth products, you don’t have to worry about toxins or harmful chemicals. All our products are enriched with natural ingredients and are dermatologist-approved. They are free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, SLES, minerals, oil, and so on. 

How To Use?

To use Mamaearth hair mask with the goodness of Argan oil, slightly wet your hair and part them in two halves. Take the hair mask in your palm and gently apply it evenly from roots to tips. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to spread the mask. Leave the mask for about 15 minutes and wash it off with a gentle shampoo. And just like that, you have hair that is stronger, healthier, damage-free, and manageable.

Our hair puts up with a lot, give them salon-like pampering with Mamaearth hair mask twice a week. After naming so many benefits of Argan Hair Mask, it makes it a must-have, so what’s the delay, get online and buy your favorite Mamaearth hair mask right away! 

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Why Oil-Free Moisturizer is a Must-Have to Control Acne!

For years, there was a misconception that only dry and dull skin needs moisturizing. When it came to oily skin – well, there was already too much oil to deal with – that moisturizing part took the back seat. But not anymore. Mamaearth moisturizers that are oil-free have been a game-changer with their super-light formulation. 

As the name suggests, the oil-free moisturizer is free from oil ingredients and is water-based. It is packed with hydrating properties and gives you smooth and soft skin. Oil-free moisturizers also keep the excess sebum production in check. In fact, Mamaearth moisturizer is made to control oil and prevent zits and pimples!

So, if you are dealing with acne and breakouts, it’s time to ditch thick and oily moisturizers and turn to something that’s made just for your skin type. To help understand how and why an oil-free Mamaearth moisturizer is good for you, we have scooped out its best benefits. Take a look!

  • It Is Light and Non-Greasy

The main feature of an oil-free moisturizer is that it is extremely light and does make skin look or feel greasy after every use. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin, leaving no stickiness or oiliness behind. This is why those who have been worried about the greasy nature of moisturizers will totally love this!

  • It Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

One common reason people often skip moisturizers when it comes to oily skin is that such skin type is already hydrated. Well, that’s a misconception. There is a huge difference between oily and hydrated skin. The former contains a lot of oil or sebum that impacts your skin’s barrier function. Healthy hydrated skin, is all about the moisture that it needs to stay supple and soft. 

To hit the right balance, you can use an oil-free moisturizer. This Mamaearth moisturizer is enriched with water-based ingredients that make sure your skin gets all the hydration without getting greasy. 

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  • It Does Not Clog the Pores

Another essential factor that makes oil-free moisturizer the best bet for those with acne-prone skin is its non-comedogenic nature. In simple words, non-comedogenic products are those which do not cause clogging of skin pores. With no clogged pores and lesser oil on the skin, you open a window to clean and soft skin!

  • It Prevents Acne

When it comes to the causes of acne, you will find that it often results due to pores clogged with hair, oil, and dead skin cells. This also prepares for a great environment for acne-causing bacteria. By using an oil-free moisturizer, you attack the root cause – clogged pores. 

What more? Mamaearth moisturizer also has an oil-repellent formula that further removes excess oil, preventing breakout and acne. 

  • It Balances Skin pH

The majority of the time, people don’t consider the need to maintain their skin’s pH. But when you have acne-prone skin, it is very important to balance the pH. Normally, your skin’s pH should remain around 5.5. Anything that goes below becomes acidic and makes your skin itchy, red, or irritated. This is also when you can get new zits or pimples. Even the pH above 5.5 is not good. It can lead to dryness and may cause inflammation and wrinkles. In short, you need to maintain the pH to get better skin. 

Thankfully, Mamaearth moisturizers also cope with these troubles. Enriched with apple cider vinegar, it balances the pH level and further protects your skin from breakouts and dryness. 


Now that you know quite a lot about why oil-free moisturizer is a great product feel free to buy Mamaearth moisturizer online. You can also check out Mamaearth products like Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Face Wash to add to your regime and say goodbye to pimples forever!

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5 Things to Know When Buying Toothpaste For Kids

5 Things to Know When Buying Toothpaste For Kids

No matter how hard you try to hide the extra candies, your little ones will find a way to eat them and end up getting cavities. This is where oral care comes in. From brushing your munchkin’s teeth twice a day to flossing after meals, there are several ways to make sure your little one’s pearls remain sparkling and healthy. And every parent knows about these habits. 

But that is not the full picture.  What choosing the right toothpaste? How to know which toothpaste is perfect for your kid? Well, we have created this quick guide for you. Below are five things you should consider when choosing Toothpaste for Kids your little one:

The Ingredients

What makes a toothpaste best for your kid is the list of ingredients it contains. Also, since the kids often swallow or eat toothpaste while brushing, it is important that you should know what is inside the tube. You can also talk to your dentist if you want to be sure of the toothpaste. Otherwise, we would suggest you go for one with natural ingredients. 

Mamaearth toothpaste, for instance, contains ingredients like Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Stevia, natural orange flavor – that are all plant-based. All these ingredients are safe and effective for your baby’s dental care. 

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The Fluoride Dilemma

While searching more about the toothpaste ingredients, you will know that fluoride is one of the most famous agents that helps in preventing tooth decay. But don’t just jump in for any toothpaste having mention of fluoride. You need to understand that toothpaste for adults and kids need to have different quantities of fluoride. 

For kids, too much fluoride can be harmful, especially in cases where there is a chance they can injest toothpaste. Thus, make sure you choose a toothpaste that has a fluoride content not more than 1000 ppm. We, at Mamaearth, understand it, and that’s why our toothpaste only has 750ppm of Sodium Fluoride in our Mamaearth toothpaste. 


The next step ahead of ingredients is the benefits list. Carefully read all the benefits and features of toothpaste and see if they cater to your kids’ needs. For example, if your little one has tooth decay, choose Mamaearth toothpaste to fight cavities effectively. 

Along with that, Mamaearth toothpaste removes any plaque build-up, bringing back your little one’s sparkling smile. The toothpaste also cleans off all the germs and offers complete oral and gum protection. 


The flavor may not sound like a super-important factor, but it does count when it comes to toothpaste for kids. After all, brushing is not really a favorite task of the day. The things can even become difficult and tantrum-filled when your kid has to do it twice! So, instead of putting your energy into convincing and scolding them, buy toothpaste with a nice flavor. 

You can find Mamaearth toothpaste with orange and strawberry flavors that will make the kids enjoy brushing even more. 

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Safe and Certified

Safety is something you just can’t miss, especially when your little munchkins are involved. Therefore, always check if the toothpaste has all the necessary certifications and is tested for kids. Mamaearth toothpaste is completely safe for kids and is also recommended by doctors. 

What more? You also won’t find any trace of harmful chemicals like SLS or SLES, making it super safe for your child. 

The Takeaway

From candies and sweets to chewing their favorite toys – kids know all the ways to make parents stress about their oral health. But it is time to leave the stress and buy Mamaearth toothpaste online. This plant-based toothpaste will not just clean teeth and fight cavities but also reduces plaque and soothes gums. So make brushing time a fun time.

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How To Reduce Dandruff With Mamaearth Tea Tree Goodness

How To Reduce Dandruff? Dandruff is a real confidence killer. No matter how hard you try to hide or fight them, the little white flakes find their way back. If you too have been dealing with this troublemaker, it is time to switch to a better hair care routine. Introduce the goodness of the tea tree with Mamaearth shampoo, conditioner, and mask, to get rid of dandruff real soon!

Derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia or tea tree, the oil has been long-known for its amazing benefits for hair and skin. It is also famous for treating fungal and bacterial infections. As for how it can save you from dandruff, let’s look at some of its properties and perks: 

How Tea Tree Oil Is Beneficial For Dandruff?

Fights Dandruff-Causing Fungus

The main USP of tea tree oil is its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help in attacking the root cause of dandruff, i.e., Malassezia. A type of fungus with yeast-like properties, Malassezia can overgrow on the scalp due to poor hair hygiene, unclean scalp, or some medical conditions. When the fungus is not removed in time, it ends up in dandruff. As per a study, tea tree oil is effective in reducing dandruff caused by Malassezia. All you need to do is use it regularly for a month. 

Soothes Itchy and Irritated Scalp

The job of tea tree oil does not end at removing dandruff. This effective ingredient also takes care of your scalp by reducing greasiness and itchiness. The oil also goes the extra step to give a soothing feel to your scalp and relaxes you. 

Nourishes Hair

Would it leave you more impressed if we say that tea tree oil can also boost your hair health? If yes, then be ready to love the tea tree even more. By removing dandruff and keeping your scalp clean, tea tree oil helps in nourishing the roots and let the hair grow to reach its full potential. 

A Simple Three-Step Hair Care Routine

No dandruff, clean scalp, and longer hair – tea tree oil is certainly a catch. This is why we, at Mamaearth, have launched hair care products with the goodness of tea tree. From Mamaearth shampoo to hair masks, be ready for a lot of surprises. To help you out, here is a simple three-step routine you can try with Mamaearth & tea tree: 

Nourish With Mamaearth Hair Mask: 

You may wish to go for Mamaearth shampoo first, but since dandruff is a stubborn issue, it needs extra treatment. For that, you can use Mamaearth hair mask with tea tree oil. The tea tree hair mask offers proper care and nourishment to your locks, along with argan oil, lemon oil, and cedarwood oil. 

Cleanse With Mamaearth Shampoo

Once the hair treatment with the mask is done, use Mamaearth shampoo to clean the scalp gently. Make sure you thoroughly lather the shampoo and rinse it properly to get the best results. Mamaearth shampoo contains tea tree oil, ginger oil, and Vitamin E. This unique combination not only saves you from dandruff but also repairs the damaged hair follicles and improves blood circulation in the scalp. 

Extra Care With Mamaearth Conditioner

To get the best results, pair the Mamaearth shampoo with the conditioner. Our No More Tangles Conditioner also contains tea tree oil and can give your hair much-needed moisturization with cocoa and shea butter. 

The Takeaway

Ready to bid farewell to dandruff? Then explore our website now to buy products online. All the Mamaearth Products are free of harmful chemicals and toxins, and that means they are super safe and suitable for all hair types. So, wait no more and buy your favorite ones right away!

Why Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Soap Bar is Ideal for Your Little One

Every parent wants to give their child only the best care. And this is not just about the food or clothes. Baby care products like soaps also have to be of great quality. We at Mamaearth understand this, and that is why we give you a whole range of natural baby care products. Our Mamaearth Baby Soap is one such product you would love to add to your cart. 

Let’s take a look at some reasons why this soap can be your baby’s perfect bathing partner: 

Goodness of Nature

The days of soaps made with synthetic chemicals are gone. Now, you can get the goodness of nature in baby care products. Our Mamaearth baby soap is enriched with potent ingredients like goat milk, oatmeal, shea butter, and coconut-based cleansers. 

Together, these ingredients prevent skin dryness, remove dead skin cells, and nourish the skin. In short, every bath with this soap is going to make your baby’s skin super smooth, soft, and beautiful. 

Gentle and Mind Cleansing

Your baby’s skin changes a lot in the first few months. At times, it can become dry and flakey. Along with the texture, the skin’s color also changes a lot. You may also notice issues like cradle cap and wonder where did you go wrong in your care? Well, worry not. These problems are natural. All you need to do is keep your baby clean with a gentle bath. 

Mamaearth baby soap is loaded with natural ingredients, and this means it is going to be super-safe for your baby’s soft skin. The soap will gently cleanse all the impurities and leave moisturized skin. What more? The soap has a tear-free formula so that you and the baby have a stress-free bath time!

Maintains Ideal pH

Not many parents give a lot of thought when it comes to maintaining the pH level of the baby’s skin. Unfortunately, that’s how skin troubles often seep in. Remember, your baby’s skin is still developing and is extremely soft. It often becomes acidic on the pH scale to adjust to the new environment. And since the skin is thin and lacks adequate barrier protection, it will become dry if you use skincare products with high pH levels. 

Mamaearth baby soap has a pH of 5.5 – just the ideal pH you need for your baby’s skin. Along with its natural ingredients, the soap treats your munchkin’s skin gently and maintains its pH level. 

Suitable For All Skin Types

Dry, itchy, or oily; no matter what your baby’s skin type is, Mamaearth baby soap is perfect for all. Just use it regularly, and your baby’s skin will remain soft and smooth. 

That is not all. Its potent ingredients like goat milk contain selenium, and lactic acid can soothe dry and sensitive skin. Shea butter also comes to the rescue. Rich in Vitamin A, E, and F help improve skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. 

Free of Toxins

As a smart and caring parent, you should never buy a bar of soap with toxins and nasty ingredients. Our moisturizing baby soap bar is a winner here, too. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and toxins such as SLS, SLES, parabens, artificial fragrances, etc. 

Moreover, the soap is also hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. So, if you are worried about any specific allergic reaction or irritation, this soap will put them all to rest. 

So, what’s the dealy head to the website and buy Mamaearth baby soap set of 2 online. Explore our website right away. You can also buy other baby care products. You will find a huge range of natural baby care products online, from soaps and face creams to diapers and mosquito repellents. 

Here’s Why Mamaearth Baby Lotion is Your Kid’s Perfect Moisturizing Partner

Soft, smooth, and delicate – there can be no better words than these to describe the beauty of your little one’s skin. No wonder we all love to adore them every chance we get. But as delicate as the skin is, it is also vulnerable to dryness, itchiness, and rashes. This is why you need to give your baby the much-deserved care with Mamaearth baby lotion. 

Add this simple bottle Mamaearth Baby Lotion to your kid’s skincare routine, and you will love the results. And no, we are not just saying it for the sake of it! We have also jotted down some of the reasons why Mamaearth baby lotion can become your kid’s go-to product for moisturization. Take a look!

Enriched With Natural Ingredients

Let’s begin by talking about our top USP – a baby lotion filled with the goodness of nature. Your little angel deserves the best, and the best comes from nature. Our Mamaearth baby lotion contains a variety of natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera extracts.

Not just this, the lotion also contains calendula extracts, olive oil, cocoa butter, and even Chamomile essential oil. All these together give your child’s skin the perfect care in every season. 

Pampers Soft Skin Gently

With good ingredients comes good care. For the basic job of nourishment, you get shea butter and cocoa butter that go deep into the skin and moisturize it. But that’s not it. Your baby also gets the goodness of jojoba oil and aloe vera extracts that make the skin supple and replenish the skin barrier. 

In short, Mamaearth baby lotion will pamper the skin gently and make it softer and smoother. 

Say Goodbye To Skin Troubles

Till now, we only talked about how Mamaearth baby lotion can moisturize and nourish your skin. But since partners also protect, the baby lotion also backs your kid when it comes to skin issues like dryness, rashes, much more. Babies have super delicate and sensitive skin, and therefore, it is much more vulnerable to skin rashes. In addition, the irritation can further trouble your kid and make them more restless. 

To give them a soothing touch, you can apply our body lotion. The aloe vera extracts will give a soothing effect even when your child is irritated with the heat of the sun. As for dryness and rashes, leave these issues for shea butter and calendula extracts!

Free of Harmful Chemicals and Toxins

Nobody wants their kids to have toxic friends or relatives, so why not take this same approach towards skincare products too! Mamaearth makes sure that your kid’s skin gets only the safest ingredients, and that’s why we offer baby lotions that are completely free of harmful chemicals. 

Check the label, and you will not find harmful chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, and even Artificial Fragrances! In short, this BFF for your little one’s skin is 100% toxin-free. 

Super Safe For Your Little One

It is not just the toxin-free nature of Mamaearth baby lotion that is amazing about this product, but it is also dermatologically tested and Certified MadeSafe. That means you and your kid can totally rely on this baby lotion for supple and soft skin. 

The lotion is also hypoallergenic, which means it will less likely cause any allergic reaction to the baby. So, keep your worries aside and make it a part of your little one’s skincare regime. 

The Takeaway

Are you excited to add a new member to your kids’ skincare bag? Feel free to explore our website or just click here to buy the Mamaearth baby lotion online. You can also team the lotion and buy other baby care products like bath soap, massage oil, face cream, and so on. Take care and happy parenting to you!